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Julie Tupler, RN now trains medical and fitness professionals all over the world how to teach the Tupler Technique® Program.

There are two potential types of Trainers. Firstly, medical professionals that want to add the Tupler Technique® to their practice, and secondly, fitness professionals keen to create a new business featuring a “diastasis safe” place to work out with the Tupler Technique®.

There are a number of benefits of becoming taking the Training:



The Tupler Technique®…..
an Established Brand Name

Physical Therapists are using the Tupler Technique® to treat diastasis recti.


In 2012, an article was published in the Journal of Womens Health Physical Therapy (Vol 36 pp-131-142) in which 29.4% of Physical Therapists who were interviewed said that they used the Tupler Technique® to treat diastasis recti.
Tupler Technique® is the ONLY research- based program (Columbia University Program in Physical Therapy) proven to effectively treat a diastasis recti.
Tupler Technique® is the gold standard program used by midwife and childbirth educators who use the Maternal Fitness® book on their required reading list.
Tupler Technique® has benefited thousands of women during and after pregnancy since 1990.


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