Work w/Julie Tupler, RN

Julie recommends that you watch one of the DVD's to learn to 4 steps of the Tupler Technique® before you see her in person or via skype. This way you make the best use of your session. If you are not able to watch the DVD before your session, you will need to schedule a longer session so Julie can teach you the Tupler Technique® from scratch. This will then be a two (2) hour session! It will be more economical to watch the DVD before the session then to pay for an extra hour.

Watching the DVD is also required before participating in the six week online support program.

The most effective program approach is the eighteen week individual intensive course. During this program, Julie sees you for an hour three times over six weeks. Week one, end of week three and week six. You also come for four 15 minute belly checks in week 9, 12,15 and 18. In week one you will get checked for a diastasis, take your “before” photos, review the 4 steps of the
Tupler Technique® so you have correct posture and are doing the belly breathing, exercises and getting up and down  correctly. She will also make sure you are putting on the splint correctly. For the second session held at the end of week three, you will learn how to double splint while doing the seated exercises and also learn how to do the head lifts.  In week six you will learn how to incorporate the Tupler Technique® into an exercise routine and how to modify your individual routine to maintain the gains you have made with the program so it is "diastasis safe."

It is important to check in with Julie weekly. She is there to support you in this process.  Julie is available in between sessions for any and all questions you may have by phone, email or skype.

An individual session is $275 an hour. You will get three one hour sessions plus four 15 minute belly checks. A total of 5 hours.  For the eighteen week intensive it costs $1000. A $100 savings plus all Julie’s time in between the sessions for all your questions.

Julie will also come to your home or office - this is an additional $50 per session. The out of office option is $200. This is for the three one hour sessions and one belly check. If you wanted the other three belly checks in your home this will be an extra $150.

18 Week Diastasis Individual Intensive Course (In Person) $1000

If you are not in NYC or do not have a Trainer Professional in your area, this is the next best program. It is exactly the same program except Julie will teach you how to check yourself for a diastasis and watch you via skype to make sure you are performing the program correctly. It is $250 per session. For the 18 week program it is $900 a $100 savings plus all of Julie's time beetween sessions for all your questions. 

18 Week Diastasis Individual Intensive (Via Skype) $900

Julie is also available for individual sessions. If you are in NY for business or holiday or just need one session to get all your questions answered and make sure you are doing everything correctly. The time will be spent however you like.  An individual session with Julie is $275 in person.

One 60 Minute Diastasis Individual Session (In Person) $275

Julie is also available for individual sessions via Skype. An individual session with Julie is $250 per hour.  You can also do a 30 minute session for $125.

One Hour Skype Session ($250) - Thirty Minute Skype Session ($125)

Julie runs this three hour seminar in New York three times a year in April, August and September. Julie goes through the 4 steps of the Tupler Technique® See the dates on the seminar schedule.. Your diastasis will get checked by Julie or a Trained Professional and you will be shown how to put on the splint correctly. The cost of this seminar is $75 and you can bring a friend for free! You just need to email us the name of your friend.

Everybelly® Diastasis Seminar ($75)



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