Three benefits to wearing the Diastasis Rehab Splint®

  1. It takes the stretch off the connective tissue and puts it in a narrower position and thus a better position to heal. In this narrow position when you do your exercises, it brings blood flow to the connective tissue, which aids in healing. The position of the connective tissue is key!
  2. It brings the muscles closer together, which makes the exercises more effective. This closer position makes you feel the muscles working better because when splinted, they will move in the right direction, backwards. For the muscles to be strengthened, they need to move with a backwards motion. With a separation of 4 fingers or more, the muscles will move sideways if they are not approximated. This sideways movement stretches the connective tissue. Remember the whole point of the program is to heal your connective tissue by taking the stretch off it.
  3. It protects the organs and back because in their proper position, the muscles are now supporting them instead of the weak connective tissue.

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