What does Tupler Turkey Day Look Like for You?

Final Tupler Turkey

Here at Diastasis Rehab, we are hoping everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving holiday.  It is a time of the year to be thankful.  We are thankful to have you as our clients and hope all the information on our website supports you in the process of closing your diastasis.  We are hoping that the Tupler Technique® is on your list for what you are thankful for this year. Be thankful that you found out you had a diastasis and then how to treat it.  This program is a commitment so acknowledge yourself for taking on this commitment and doing something positive for yourself.

We will also be very thankful if you remember during this holiday season to remember your transverse and remember to do your exercises while traveling to your destination, while watching TV, or vegging out on the couch after a big meal.  Also remember to hold your transverse in when you’re cooking, carrying dishes to the table, or cleaning up.

Luckily, its sweater season, so not only will your splint keep your connective tissue and muscles together, it will keep you toasty warm. And, you can wear your splint the whole time without anyone being the wiser!  Please be kind to your connective tissue and stay on track.  Don’t let the holiday get the best of you and your diastasis!