Pre surgical package, with Splint, Cream and tape

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  • Tupler Technique® Ab Rehab Video*
  • Diastasis Rehab Splint®
  • Tupler Technique® Guidebook
  • Corrective Connective Tissue Cream
  • 18 Week Ongoing Online Support Program

Watching the Tupler Technique® Ab Rehab® Video 6 weeks before surgery is ideal but one week before surgery will still be helpful. Abdominal surgeries such as hernias, c-sections and tummy tucks all require stitching. Stitching can be pulled apart by continuous force and pressure from the abdominal muscles on them. Learning the Tupler Technique® BEFORE surgery is the missing link to post surgery recovery and the solution to maintaining the integrity of the stitching. This intra- abdominal pressure can be prevented by using your abdominal muscles correctly. This requires strength, muscle re-education and practice before surgery to establish “muscle memory” after the surgery when the muscles are numb. Sneezing, coughing, having a bowel movement, getting in and out of bed and lifting are a few of the culprits that wreak havoc on stitches and are activities that must be practiced (using the abdominal muscles correctly) before surgery. This video is divided into two parts. Part 1 of the program teaches the 4-step Tupler Technique®. This part of the program is done for the first six weeks. However, it also can be done just one week prior to surgery. Part 2 will teach you how to incorporate the Tupler Technique® into the activities you will be doing after surgery. The Tupler Technique® Guidebook will give you a summary of the 4 steps and also a daily chart with how many of the exercises you should be doing every day. For more information about the guidebook click here. 

18 Week Ongoing Online Support Program: I realized that many people bought the package and did not do it or were not as successful as they could have been if they had had support. So I created this 18 week ONGOING support program to support everyone doing the program on an ongoing basis. You can repeat weeks and start over as many times as you like. Since this is a program I want you to do the rest of your life, I want it to be available for you as long as I am alive and in business! I will be doing live webinars once a month to answer all your questions. These will be recorded and posted on the program site. Each week there will be a video ( or two) to watch, Tupler Tips and a blog where you can communicate with others doing the program. This is the place to share your experience and ask for support. I highly recommend reaching out and getting a belly buddy to work with. This makes the program more fun and more effective as you always work harder when you are accountable to someone else! After you purchase this package you will get an automatic email with instructions how to join the program. If you do not get an email, check your spam first. Then let us know and we will send you another email. I look forward to supporting you with my program. Julie


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