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Labor Pain Management CD

Labor Pain Management CD

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Coming Contractions CD

Labor is two stages. Dealing with the pain as the cervix dilates and then pushing your baby out. Preparation for labor is both learning how to manage the pain in stage one and then learning how to push in stage two. Learning how to surrender to the pain though relaxation will make your pain more manageable. Relaxation is a learned skill and must be practiced. If you listen to this CD with guided visualizations about birthing throughout your pregnancy, when you hear it in labor it will help you to relax.

"It is not easy for me to relax anyway, so learning relaxation for labor was a challenge. Using the guided relaxation on this CD, I actually learned how to calm my anxiety during pregnancy, and it really prepared me for managing the pain of labor." - Susan Hold , NYC mom

"Julie, it was hilarious. I had these giant old head phones on throughout my labor playing your cd over and over. I would cue it up so your voice talking about each contraction coincided with my own contractions. It was like you were in the delivery room with me. That cd was a godsend. Thank you for everything." - Miranda , NYC mom