Diastasis Recti Testimonials for the Tupler Technique®

Testimonials from Medical Professionals:

“Julie Tupler RN is an expert on treating diastasis recti’  
- Dr Oz (Oprah and Friends)*

By incorporating the Tupler Technique® prior to surgery, women are able to strengthen the transverse abdominis. Together with utilizing the splint, the stress on the rectus abdominis is reduced and the diastasis is reduced, thus allowing the connective tissue to regain some it is elasticity. Post-operatively, the continued use of the Tupler Technique® aids contour by reducing the stress on the sutures. By empowering women with the correct techniques for core strengthening, the outcome of surgery is improved and the longevity of correction is preserved. The Tupler Technique® helps establish a strong foundation for improved core strength and a more desirable abdominal contour.“  
- Dr. Aldona J. Spiegel
Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery
Weil Cornell Medical, Houston,Texas*

“Since I only want the best for my patients, I strongly recommend the Tupler Technique® to everybody with diastasis recti. The Tupler Technique® is the only exercise program for diastasis recti with published proof and transparent outcome data. "  
- Shounuck I. Patel, D.O MMS, FAAPMR
Interventional Regenerative Orthopedic Medical Specialist*

“The Tupler Technique®, by itself or in combination with procedures, is a superior way to take back control of your body and to recreate a strong, healthy, attractive, and confident you. That’s why I’ve long recommended the technique to all of my patients."  
- Elie Levine, MC FACS
Director of Plastic Surgery at Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC)*

“As an obstetrician/gynecologist and being pregnant for the first time, I joined Julie Tupler's Maternal Fitness® class. Julie is a wonderful instructor, she is very patient, encouraging and has perfected her technique. The exercises were relatively easy to learn and they strengthened the abdominal muscles so well that each effort was maximized. I used the Tupler Technique® during my labor and the results were remarkable. I pushed for only 23 minutes! I would highly recommend any woman who is facing one of the most natural, wonderful and most challenging experiences of her life to learn the Julie Tupler technique.” 
- Teresa Lazar, MD (OB/GYN)*

“The Tupler Technique®, a special abdominal exercise, is great for maintaining the results of stomach surgery…….it helps to strengthen the side abdominal muscles so they don’t spread back out. “
- Dr Sharon Giese, Plastic Surgeon, NYC*

"I have been working with Julie Tupler over the past twelve years. I enthusiastically refer my pregnant patients to her Maternal Fitness®® Program. In my experience, her clients are well prepared mentally and physically for labor. Her regimen of abdominal exercises makes for more efficient pushing, and for a more rapid postpartum recovery." 
- Gae Rodke , MD (NY OB/GYN)*

"I am writing in behalf of a colleague and friend, Ms Julie Tupler. I have known Ms Tupler for many years and have referred patients to her. I have received only excellent feedback both anecdotally, and of course, by witnessing first-hand, how well my patients respond in labor to her exercise and conditioning techniques. She and her staff have a great method of communicating to their clients so that the women they train feel in control of their bodies, both during and after delivery. She has helped to make a difficult and often frightening experience for many, not only manageable, but enjoyable. I can say this with absolute assurance, since I was one of her clients. Her coaching in abdominal wall strengthening and control played a large role in my wonderful delivery of Zoe Eleni. For all these reasons, I recommend her and her associates wholeheartedly as a part of an excellent ante partum and postpartum education experience.” 
- Ellen Manos, M.D. (NY OB/GYN)*

"An innovative and dynamic program that could be enjoyed by both pregnant and non-pregnant women alike." 
- Raul Artal, M.D, FACOG
(ACOG- Chair of Scientific Program/Professor and Chairman, College of Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, SUNY Health & Science Center)*

"If you are concerned about the excess skin (from abdominal surgery), your only choice is to remove it with a tummy tuck. If you are concerned only about the separation of your muscles and fullness of the lower abdomen, you may want to look into the Tupler Technique® method. It is also important to prepare for a tummy tuck with this method for a faster recovery.” 
- Dr. Edward Jonas Domanskis (Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery)*

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Testimonials from Women:

As long as I can remember, I have had a diastisis recti as an adult.  At the time of my wedding in 1974 I had lost weight due to nerves and looked cadaverous, but I still had a protruding belly.  After bearing three children and carrying my pregnancies all out front (I’m short-waisted), I very definitely had a mummy tummy and nothing I did, no exercises, no amount of weight loss seemed to make a difference including 5 months of pelvic physical therapy with a hand-held splint in which my separation closed one fingers’ width but would budge no further. In April my chiropractic neurologist suggested that I try the Tupler Technique®.  His wife had just begun the program herself after the birth of their 2nd child. At 62 ½, I was skeptical about achieving the promised results. The DVD cover says “For moms of any age – no matter when you had a baby,” but my last baby was born 29 ½ years ago.  I really didn’t believe it in my heart, but speculated that even if I didn’t lose my mummy tummy, the exercises alone would be good for my health.  I decided to commit to the program 100%. Fortunately I live within an hour’s drive of two different licensees of the Tupler Technique®. I chose Cheryl strictly due to the fact that she was closer to my age and might be a bit more understanding and I also was drawn to her from her personal information on the website. I’m so very thankful I did that because Cheryl helped correct my technique errors, was able to accurately assess the width and depth of my separation (it was hard to do on my own), provided additional exercise information and was encouraging throughout the program. On my second visit to Cheryl 4+ weeks into the program, as she was assessing my progress she exclaimed, “You have definition!”  Still makes me smile when I recall that and it was exactly what I needed to give me the impetus to keep at it.

By 11 weeks, my diastases had completely closed!  My waist is 3” smaller than when I began (I have simultaneously lost 6 pounds due to being on a low carb diet by doctor’s orders, but that small amount wouldn’t create these results.)  I now wear I size I have NEVER worn in my entire life although I weigh approximately what I always weighed during the 25+ years I reared my children. I would encourage anyone, and I mean ANYONE of ANY age to commit to this program for your own well-being and strength. 11 years ago I was paralyzed and fought my way back to being able to walk by faithfully following my doctors’ and physical therapists’ instructions. This is no different. And the core strength that I’ve gained from following the Tupler exercises has helped me with some residual problems that I still experience from that auto-immune disorder. It is worth the time commitment big-time! I’d also strongly suggest that anyone new to the program set up some sessions with a professional who is licensed in the Tupler program.  My exercise time would not have been nearly as fruitful since my technique was not correct. I am still startled every time I look down and don’t see what I’ve lived with my entire adult life. Thanks, Julie! Thanks, Cheryl!
 - Sue Batzer*

Thank you again for designing this program.  You have not only made a physical difference in my body but an emotional difference by giving me my self confidence back.  I've never been happier with my figure." :)
- Lissa McGivern (Second "Best Belly" winner)

I took the on-line class in April and am thrilled to report my diastasis is now closed!!  I am 11 weeks in to the program now and will definitely continue to 18 weeks. Can never thank you enough for this—a dream come true to have a flat stomach after 7 pregnancies!!
- Katie Conner*

I am writing because I just started the program.  I have just finished my 6th day and although the road ahead will be a long one, I am determined to heal my body.  I wanted to show you the astounding difference in my body in just six days.  I can still see in the mirror exactly where my separation is but the size of my belly has been reduced dramatically in such a short time.  It truly gives me hope that I will be able to heal the connective tissue and close my diastasis.  I think it is terrible that more ob/gyn's do not alert patients to this possible side effect of pregnancy.  For years my inner voice kept telling me something wasn't right.  All the exercising,dieting etc.   I am down to 100 pounds, you can see my ribs, yet there I was looking several months pregnant all the time.   When you talk about people think you are being neurotic and vain basically.  I am so grateful that I found the support I need to heal my body.  I just wish I had listened to my inner voice years ago. I can only imagine what 6 weeks, 12 weeks and then 18 weeks will bring! Thank you.
- Alisa Burns*

I owe you a great deal of gratitude for helping me transform my abdominals, get rid of back pain and finally feel comfortable with my body. After 3 children and consistent exercise I could not get rid of my protruding belly button, lower back pain and still looked like I was 2-3 months pregnant. For years I didn’t know that I had a ventrical hernia and a very large diastasis and continued to do exercises that made the situation worse. When I was diagnosed and then discovered there was a way to correct it without surgery, I gave the Tupler Technique® a try.  Within three weeks my belly button went in and after 6 months the connective tissue is stronger.  I am a big believer in exercise and what you taught me will be a part of my life forever.  I’m even doing my transverse contractions as I type.
Thank you.
- Tara Presume* 

My wife, Karla, is enjoying your book and is making excellent progress 2-3 weeks into your program. Her separation has gone from a 5 finger space to a 2 finger finger separation; also her "outy" belly button has gone back to an "iny." This program is a wonderful dream come true!!!!!!
 - Asa Moseley *

Testimonials from Men:

My name is Julián Bonnet, I’m 30 years old and I live currently in Puerto Rico. I have been a working in the health and fitness industry for 10 years. The last 4 years of my life have been very challenging. Even though my focus has been on core and biomechanical awareness, I started to suffer with back pain from pelvic misalignment. I changed my strengthening and stretching routines as well as started meditating and eating healthier. Nothing worked. I started to visit many doctors and got all different types of diagnosis.I ended up having a left sacroiliac fixation surgery 2 years ago to correct my sacroiliac joint dysfunction. After the surgery I felt a great improvement, but I still was not 100%. I continued physical therapy but had the feeling something else was going on with my body. I started to research a solution on the internet and found out that I had a severe Diastasis Recti. Since I didn’t know that was possible to heal a big separation, I started to call and visit many Plastic Surgeons who all confirmed my diagnosis. I could not afford surgery, so I continued to search for alternative options. I found the Tupler Technique. I immediately bought the Diastasis Rehab men’s package and started the program. I start to see remarkable results after 2 weeks following the program. I start to get confidence and I did movements that I was not supposed to do and opened it up again. After doing the program three times, I finally committed to do the program exactly as I was supposed to do it for 18 weeks. I finished the 18 weeks and was able to close my diastasis and develop a strong transverse muscle. My back pain is now gone and my pelvis is able to stay in alignment. I’m very satisfied and grateful for the Tupler Technique program. To maintain my results, I have reduced the sets the contracting exercise to 5 sets of 100 per day and continue doing 3 sets of 30 head lift in the morning and the same in the evening. I recommend this program to everyone with or without a diastasis. I am now thinking about becoming a Licensee in the future. My statistics and photos are posted on the website also.
Julián Bonnet (Oprah and Friends)*

I have to say, this has been very effective for me but I am not quite done. According to the measurements, I still have a slight Diastasis from where my sternum starts down toward my navel about an 1 and 1/2 to 2 inches long and about an 1 to 1 and 1/2 inches wide. It is much flatter, but still a slight bulge when I lift my head. I can see it as I look down my chest. I concentrate on this area when I do my contractions giving extra counts to that area. I am doing 2,000 contractions a day and 90 head lifts a day. Of the 2,000 contractions, 800 are the area right below my sternum and 600 a day to each of the middle and lower area. I have noticed an increased strength in all of the muscles. I can now do separate contractions by area (Top, Middle, and bottom) I can control each of those muscle segments separately when I contract them. My wife, who sews, is going to shorten my splints, as they now connect behind my back due to the improvements in measurements and to some extent the stretching of the splints over time. I saw this in the video last Thursday. Your program takes a lot of discipline. I do not mind it, as I can discipline myself, but I am sure some others would have a difficult time. I found when I was progressing these last weeks, I would find myself speeding up the counts as I would become anxious to get done when doing these three times a day. Its hard to slow down, but you said in the video that its important to get that squeeze in the contraction. So I have slowed it all back down. I started this program just before Thanksgiving last year. I think the winter months are the best time to do something like this.I am conscious of the getting up and down properly. I have concentrated on holding my transverse in during all my activities. Its easy to forget when your concentrating on something and you end up relaxing those muscles. I found over time though, I more naturally keep it in regardless of what I am doing, but still have to remind myself sometimes. In spite of some degenerative discs in my lower back and a spondylosis, my back pain has been eliminated, my posture both sitting, standing and walking have all improved. What a difference! I have also noticed a decrease in pain in my hip joints when walking or getting up and down. I am 62 years old. Thank you for your program. I will continue the splint portion of the program until I close that upper Diastisis completely. I have come this far, I am not stopping. Any advice you can give me for closing this area would be appreciated. Thank you again!
- Jim Rowland*

I want to thank you so much for helping me to overcome my diastasis disorder. I am 64 years old, 6 ft. 1 in height, 185 pounds and have maintained a good physical condition all my life. But I was bothered that in recent years, I could not maintain a relatively flat stomach. I felt that I might be carrying some extra fat in the tummy area that exercise and diet could not remove, so I decided to try smart lipo to remove the fat. Much to my chagrin after the procedure, my stomach pooch was even more pronounced. The doctor who did the procedure referred me to a surgeon who diagnosed me with diastasis. He said he could help me by treating it as a hernia and described the procedure and healing process. I decided not to go that route. I started researching diastasis online and came across Julie Tupler Technique® and decided to give it a try. I started wearing the splints on September 19 and also began the exercises the same date. I was totally amazed at the immediate results. My measurements upon starting were a midsection of 38 inches with 35 inches around the belly button area. The diastasis was approximately four fingers in width. I have photos showing the "before" measurements taken by my doctor on September 16. The "after' pictures were taken by the surgeon on October 3. The doctor and her staff were overwhelmed by the drastic change in only six weeks. Six weeks after starting the process, my current measurements are 35 inch midsection and 34 inches around the belly button area. The diastasis has been reduced to approximately one finger in width. Hopefully, in a few weeks, the diastasis will be totally healed. Thanks again for developing your rehab technique for diastasis. I might even try going on the beach again!"
- Mickey Gamble*

I was in my late 20's when I realized that I needed to do something about my "rising" stomach - it was like a loaf of bread dough with too much yeast. It didn't look good and it made me feel very self-conscious. That was over 40 years ago. I've tried all the "normal" approaches - sit-ups, crunches, weight lifting, etc... Nothing worked. In fact, the growing bulge seemed to just get worse as the years rolled by. I found myself to be very envious of any guy whose stomach was flat. I am now 71 years young and in March of 2013 I made my annual MD visit. When I laid down on the exam table my Doctor quickly made mention of my stomach condition and then asked me if it bothered me - I of course said yes. Then he went on to tell me that my stomach muscles had never grown back together. He referred to my stomach condition as a "birth defect" and went on to explain that nothing could be done about it. I was glad that after 71 years I finally had an explanation why I was never able to to achieve a flat stomach, but at the same time I felt there had to be a way to deal with Diastasis Recti. Thank goodness for the internet! There was plenty of information on the subject of D.R., but very little substantial data about how to heal the Diastasis. Then I found the Tupler Technique® website. I liked what I read from Julie and others who knew and used the Tupler Technique®. I verified that I indeed did have DR with Julie's self-exam method. I then decided it would be well worth the money to give the Tupler Technique® a try. Boy am I glad I did!  I started the program on April 8th. At the end of the 6th week my 1&3/4 inch gap was closing nicely and my gut was already looking better. By the end of the 9th week the gap was all but gone. My gut hadn't looked so good since my early 20's. I continued to wear the splint 24/7 for another 3 weeks and now I only wear the splint during my daily exercise routines. This program requires both commitment and consistency, but I can assure you guys that it is well worth the effort. My ugly gut is gone! I look better and I feel better. I have almost no lower back pain - which I have put up with for over 40 years as well - even my Chiropractor was pleasantly surprised. It is so nice to rub my stomach and know that it is flat! Thank you Julie - I can hardly wait to show my Doctor what your Technique has done for me and my gut! 
- Morris Arnold*

I was diagnosed with a diastasis recti by my GP after I noticed a painless lump in my abdomen and a change in the overall shape of my mid section. I had been attending the gym regularly for the past 8 months and it had turned out that I had injured myself over exerting whilst doing a series of ab exercises. I was told by my GP that there was nothing that could be done to repair the damage and that it was something I would have to live with. After seeing such good results from my training at the gym, I was upset to hear that, so I decided to do a bit of research to find out a bit more about diastasis recti (DR). Julie's name kept appearing and her results seemed excellent so I decided to contact her. I ordered the splint and dvd and had regular skype sessions with her to track my progress. I have been amazed with the results! After following the program for only 6 weeks I had already started to notice the difference - I had not been to the gym and was not doing any exercise other than what Julie's program had prescribed! I have now started going back to the gym and I am incorporating what I have learned with her program in my own training and I am continuing to see improvements - I will certainly never be doing a crunch again and given the results I've had from Julie's program I can honestly say that I will never need to! I can't say thank you enough to Julie for her help and for the quality of the program - thank you!" 
- Andrew Jones*

"Dear Ms. Tupler,I am writing about my experience using the Tupler approach to correct my diastasis that resulted from my prostate surgery using the diVinci robot. First I want to thank you for your help, encouragement and explanations of what happened to me. While the surgery went well and fortunately corrected my prostate trouble I was left with a diastasis which was not well explained to me regarding its cause and what to do about it until I received the instructional material from you and spoke with you. As I reported the diastasis has become considerably smaller with the use of the splint that you send and exercising some care in exercises to avoid and including the correct way to get up from a lying down position. I was also surprised that a lot of what I did following the surgery was exactly wrong including sit-ups, raking leaves and other twisting maneuvers of my body. As an aside, though you didn’t ask, I am a 68 year old male a bit over weight but fairly active and in generally good health. I am starting the suggested exercises and am expecting them to also help. Reviewing the DVD and information booklet was very helpful in explaining what and what not to do. I would like to encourage you to publish your materials on this topic for men even though the existing information from you is perfectly satisfactory. I’m not sure about marketing your materials but if the urologists involved with this sort of surgery and the subsequent patient recovery had this for their patients I think that it would be of great help. I suppose that this is information that should be well known but until it is pointed out and reviewed it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. I think that lots of times surgeons don’t have the time to explain all this and probably a lot of individuals are left to search the internet until they find your information. Thank you for your help."
- P. Truckenbrod*

"I had been diagnosed with a diastasis recti from my Primary years ago and was told the only way to fix it was cosmetic surgery. I am 5’11 and am in reasonably good shape but always had the big belly. Both my parents had big midsections but otherwise fairly proportioned body types so I assumed I was predisposed to my situation. I was researching ‘diastasis recti’ on the PC and came across the ‘Tupler Technique’. I being the skeptic googled about and decided for all accounts and purposes, I had nothing to lose. I tested myself for diastasis and found I had the ‘football ridge’ down my midsection. Was I ever surprised that within a week, I indeed was a loser!  I lost 3 pounds and an inch across my chest from following the program! This is not a weight loss program yet a way of measuring progress is made thru weekly measurements. As you strengthen your core and essentially keep you insides ‘in’ by wearing the splint as directed, you tend to eat less and work off some of your midsection almost without awareness. After 6 weeks, the pictures tell the story. I also lost 14 pounds as well. I just followed the ‘6 week support’ program to make sure I was doing everything correct and plan on following it for the entire 18 weeks. I will add I was true to the program and didn’t exercise or change my diet. 
Best Wishes and Good Luck if you decide to join the program. In my book it’s a Win, Win."
- Dave Edmunds*

"Dear Julie,
This is just a note to pass on a huge "THANK YOU." I had an emergency operation for a strangulated bowel while traveling in South Africa which saved my life but, of course, resulted in a separation of my linea alba. When I returned to Australia, a very highly respected colorectal surgeon opened me up again to insert a fairly large mesh. I am a fervent fitness fanatic and while I was then in my mid 60s I resumed my regular training with my trainer. Of course the regime involved sit ups, crunches, planks etc. The result was exactly as you'd expect. My tummy expanded and after 2 years looked awful. I went back to the surgeon, who said I was fine, and said words I'll never forget, "Mate, you'll never have a six pack again!" I didn't give up and most fortunately I found  a Licensee in Melbourne and very soon I was undertaking "the Tupler Technique" with dedication. I followed it religiously for 18 weeks and the results were nothing short of a miracle. My tummy was flat again-down 3 inches and my self- esteem was fully restored. I was a different person. It is now some 18 months since I completed the course and have kept up the maintenance exercises. I have told a number of doctors and physiotherapists about the course and frankly have been disappointed at their lack of interest. They say they have their own techniques. That's a great pity as I doubt that anyone can produce the results you do. I am more than happy for you to use my genuine heartfelt comments as a testimonial on your website.  If you want me to comment on any aspect of my “recovery” in the future I will be so pleased to assist. I have benefited so much from your work and your program has changed the way I conduct so many daily activities-everything from getting in and out of bed to the exercises I do as part of my training regimen. Again, a massive thank you for helping me to restore my self-image and regain my confidence to wear T-shirts, polos and show my body at Bondi beach!!
Best wishes for your continued success."
- Harold Shapiro*

"Hi Julie, I just wanted to thank you for developing this technique. I was dubious at first as to how effective it could really be, but all I can say is WOW. I am in Week 4 of the technique and my stomach is already flatter than it's been in at least 20 years! I used to also suffer from lower back pain and that is completely gone since Week 1. Thank you so much!"
- Matthew Schofield*

"Hi Julie, I hope that all is well. My 18 week incursion into the Tupler Technique® will conclude today. I began your program on 11/3/11. As you know, I have been successful in removing the diastasis of the recti muscles of my abdomen. I have also reduced the size of my waist from 36 inches to 34 inches even though my weight has remained stable at 170 pounds. Because of you, I will now have to ask my tailor to take in the waist on all of my pants. Thank you so much for introducing your technique to me and providing me with the video and splint to immerse myself in your program. I appreciate your encouragement. During this process, I have been your advocate to motivate the gentlemen in the locker room in my gym to access your website. I have placed my photographs on photographic paper and plan to show them to the gentlemen in the gym on Monday." 
- Joel T.*

"Hi Julie,
I believe it to be working well. Seems like the diastasis is back together and now I am just waiting for it to heal. I can tell you that it has made a massive difference in my health not having the belt overhang. My back and digestion have greatly improved. In addition my arthritis in the knees have virtually went away. I think my body alignment is much better and my balance has returned to very good. I thought that all the pain and discomfort was just age related but it was really because I had just let myself decline. Thanks to you I am on the road to better health." 
- Tony Richardson

Testimonials from Pregnant Women:

“I started working with Julie Tupler and Maternal Fitness® in my fifth month of pregnancy. I found that I was developing debilitating biomechanical problems: I couldn’t walk without pain, my sciatic nerve was killing me, I had trouble carrying anything that weighed more than five pounds. Furthermore, after 20 years of serious running and participation in many sports, the lack of exercise was also making me depressed. When I told my doctors about these problems, they shrugged their shoulders. I thought it would be easy for me to find an appropriate exercise program, but there really weren’t many options out there. I finally learned of Maternal Fitness® from a massage therapist who specializes in pregnant women. I began seeing Julie once a week for almost 5 months. It was a relief to get an all-body workout, to strengthen the muscles that were particularly stressed by my changing body. Julie tailored the workout to my strengths and weaknesses. At the end of every session, she would do 15 minutes of massage and relaxation. I soon found that my biomechanics were back to normal and that I could walk and go about my business without pain. We also worked on preparing the muscles that would be most important during the actual childbirth. I worked with Julie on my transverse muscles and practiced breathing properly. When I did go into labor, the work paid off. At just over an hour, my doctor assumed that I must be too tired to continue doing three sets of ten pushes at a time. When she asked if I wanted to go down to two sets, I told her that I’d prefer t move up to four! The baby was born soon after. My doctor was impressed by how strong I was. I think the Maternal Fitness Program is an excellent combination of exercise, education and relaxation. Taking part in the program was one of the best decisions I made. I attribute my good recovery from childbirth to the fact that I maintained optimal fitness during my pregnancy." 
- Ellie McGrath (marathon runner)*

"Just a note to thank you for preparing me both physically and mentally for the “marathon of labor” as you call it. I started late in my pregnancy but the “Tupler Technique” abdominal exercises I learned for pushing and to prevent back problems really worked in labor. I don’t think Flynn could have been brought into the world with twenty minutes of pushing without them. Understanding how to push with a strengthened transverse muscle while relaxing the pelvic floor muscles gave me that mind body connection so necessary in pushing. I feel my recovery was also faster thanks to your program. I have referred and will continue to refer women to the Maternal Fitness® Program."
- Elle Macpherson (actress, model, mom)*

"Dear Julie,
Thank you so much for the wonderful classes! I had a great, drug-free labor and delivery. Before the birth my doctor kept telling me ‘anything could happen” and that all the preparation in the world would not necessarily make much of a difference. Little did he know I had an amazing and powerful birth experience and I owe it to you. The transverse work kept me strong and comfortable during the pregnancy, and made pushing more productive. During the pushing phase both my doctor and nurse told me to bear down—which I did for a few pushes. However, it seemed more “natural” to do the exhalation pushing. I was able to squat for the delivery …and it made a big difference. At first I was laying back and the baby kept hovering between +1and -1. Once I started squatting the baby made significant progress in the birth canal and was born shortly after. I pushed for 45 minutes and felt great. Within a few hours after the birth I was working the transverse and doing Kegels. Everyone was amazed at how quickly I got back in shape. I was back in my jeans about three weeks after the birth. I am telling all my friends about you. Thank you and keep up the good work".
- Marianna Kulak*

It is with the greatest of pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation for Julie Tupler. I gained thirty five pounds during my pregnancy. Nevertheless, the day after I delivered my son, my stomach had totally sprung back into shape and was TOTALY flat. Frankly, I’m convinced that my stomach was not only flat, but in many ways firmer than before I got pregnant. Although I was concerned about losing my figure when I got pregnant, my appearance was not foremost in my mind when I contacted Julie. I had heard that exercising during pregnancy helped make your pregnancy and delivery easier. For this reason, I hunted all over New York for a prenatal exercise program. After attending several different classes, and meeting one on one with all the prenatal gurus, I was extremely discouraged. From the little reading I had done on exercise during pregnancy, I could see that not one of these programs offered an exercise regime that was safe for my baby and myself. Then along came Julie. Julie was a lifesaver for me because not only did she give me a strenuous workout, but all her exercises were safety conscious. It should go without saying that a pre-natal trainer would have safety on their mind, but having met with many of them, I can tell you that Julie is unique in this aspect. As far as the results of Julie’s program, I was extremely pleased. I experienced no backaches, or other aches and pains during my pregnancy. I had a very quick and easy labor and delivery. Most surprising of all, I was definitely in the best shape of my life when I delivered my son. Every inch of my body, except for my stomach, was the firmest it has even been. Quite an accomplishment that Julie got me into this shape while I was pregnant and the exercises we could do were limited! And as I said earlier in this note, Julie made my stomach incredibly strong. I’m convinced; that this stomach strength is what aided my delivery and made my stomach so incredibly tight the day after delivering! I could go on forever singing Julie’s praises. I would highly recommend her as a pre-natal trainer. 
- Cynthia Remec*

“I just wanted to thank you for creating this program. I had a baby 3 weeks ago and it went really well because of my great transverse muscles! Last spring I took your 1 day continuing education class for professionals (which I greatly enjoyed) and last summer became pregnant. Throughout the pregnancy I continued to teach aerobics (modified) and used the Tupler Technique® exercises daily (even taught them to my students, even though we weren’t doing prenatal aerobics). I worked out up until the baby was born, and even though the birth didn’t go as planned, I was able to push out my 10 pound baby boy in 12 minutes! The doc was saying “hold your breath” and I was too busy exhaling to tell her NO WAY (she stopped telling me to hold my breath when she saw how effective my pushes were.) She had settled in for a long night of labor, but the baby popped out after just a few rounds of pushes. Despite the epidural, I was still able to use the techniques I had practiced and didn’t spend hours pushing. Maternal Fitness® was very helpful. Thank you so much..” 
- Jackie Weisberger*

I just wanted to let you know that I had by baby girl on Tuesday. She weighed 7 lbs 5 ozs and is totally healthy and amazing. I had a great labor, exactly the way I’d envisioned it: no IV, no epidural, no drugs whatsoever, no episiotomy, etc. It lasted 7 hours, with the pushing only taking 23 minutes. I wanted to thank you for your program, and let you know that the pushing was the best part of the labor—I felt empowered and really prepared. My sister said I didn’t even break a sweat! Now I am back to doing my kegals and ab work—and you could never tell that I just had a baby. Keep teaching!" 
- Kira Gould*

"I absolutely loved the Tupler Technique® and I’m convinced it helped me not only have a very smooth delivery but also a fast recovery. I fit into my jeans 9 days after delivering Thomas! Thank you Julie!!!" 
- Raffaella Rivetti*

Pre-Abdominal Surgery Testimonials:

"Julie, Great news! You would not believe it but the surgeon has determined there is no longer any medical reason for surgery! I was scheduled to go under the knife three days ago and the doctor - who hasn't seen me since Dec, couldn't believe the changes. There is still a small hernia, visible to the naked eye, but we can't make it pop in or out the way a hernia should so the doctor thinks it's not worth undergoing surgery at this point. I'm not sure I communicated this before, but when I saw him in Dec. he recommended a repair including 5" of mesh! Now the area surrounding the defect is so tight that if we did surgery, we would need a teeny circle of mesh, less than an inch. Thanks so much for teaching me how to tighten my transverse. Your exercises have changed everything. As I mentioned before, I've lost 1 1/2 inches off my waist, I've noticeably toned my abs and I don't have to have a surgery that was supposed to lay me up for 2 weeks and prevent me from lifting my son of 6! I'm eternally grateful and a total convert to the cult of Julie. Best wishes."
- Kimberley Cowell Meyers*

“Hi Julie,
I wanted to update you with my wonderful news. I visited the hernia surgeon at NYU and have been told I do not need the hernia surgery to repair the umbilical cord hernia. It’s gone! As you can imagine, I’m absolutely over the moon and cannot thank you enough for your knowledge and support. I’m so thrilled. The surgeon had said that she’s never seen anything like and would love you as a resource for her patients. I’ve forwarded your details to her. Thanks!"
- Juliette Spencer*

“Before using the Tupler Technique® program created by Julie Tupler, RN, I suffered with a large diastasis recti, an umbilical hernia that needed surgical repair, back pain, constipation despite eating a plant based diet. and other symptoms.  My results using her program are nothing short of amazing.  After 18 weeks of using her program, my diastasis is nearly closed, my umbilical hernia is gone and no longer requires surgery, my back pain is almost non-existent, and my bowels are regular. The program requires persistence and discipline to achieve the kind of results I did, but is well worth the effort. Diastasis recti is an under addressed medical problem in the medical community. Julie Tupler, RN has created a program that addresses this over looked medical issue and creates lasting results for people.  I strongly recommend her program to anyone suffering with the effects of diastasis recti.  It will change your life.
- Melissa Dawahare, NMD, RN*

“Diagnosed with an umbilical hernia, I was faced with two options: live with the pain or undergo surgery. Looking for another, more natural option, I contacted the staff at Tupler Technique®. The staff answered all my questions and told me that the Tupler Technique® could help me. When I did decide to begin the program, I was shocked to see that after two weeks my hernia receded about 80%! I contacted the staff at Tupler Inc. again and was told that continuing the program would help my connective tissue heal. My belly has gotten flatter and I can feel my abdominals getting stronger. I would tell anyone to try this technique! I’m glad I was able to avoid surgery and find a natural healing technique that works! Thank you so much for your help!”
- Paul, England*

Back Pain Alleviation Testimonials:

IT IS TRULY AMAZING - For more than 25 years, I had regular mid back pain, ranging from slight to severe. About two years ago, my SI joint upslipped and rotated. Through physical therapy I had been able to manage it-but it would be OK for a week or maybe two and then it upslipped and or rotated and the pain returned. I would get it adjusted and a week of two later, it upslipped and/or rotated and I needed it adjusted again. Sitting was the worst, so I often brought a mat with me so I could lie down rather than sit. I dreaded car rides and airplane rides. >And then, six weeks, ago, I started the Tupler Course at Forward Physical Therapy. My first class was the day before I flew to NY and Italy for a three week vacation. I almost did not go on this trip because I feared what all the flying and driving would do to my back. But I did my exercises, wore by Tupler splint, and lo and behold, despite flights, car rides, and no visit to the physical therapist, I HAD NO PAIN! I could not believe it. My mid back pain is now rare and mild and my SI joint remains level and I have no lower back pain. And my stomach is getting smaller, but that is just a bonus. It is the virtual end of back pain problems that had made me a believer in the Tupler method.
- Rosalind Andrews*

* Results may vary from person to person