'The kid-focused 'Belly Button Boogie' program has been created by Julie Tupler, RN to help children (and their families and teachers) understand diastasis-recti. Teaching them in a highly engaging, fun way, kids learn how they can strengthen their own abdominals and start to exercise the right way - creating good habits for the rest of their lives.'

All babies are born with their muscles separated. Usually, as the nervous system matures, the muscles come closer together. However, in 30% of children, the muscles remain apart.

The way some children are being taught in school to develop their abdominal muscles is potentially negatively affecting their health and well-being!

We all know that developing a strong physical core is crucial. We use our core in virtually everything we do that involves movement— even sitting up in bed. Unfortunately, a significant number of children have a weak core because of a diastasis recti.

If a child has separated abdominal muscles, his or her developing spine and organs won't be supported. Diastasis Recti has even been linked to Central Coordination Disorder (CCD), a condition that results in delayed motor development.

Even if a child's muscles do close, they can easily separate again if the child performs exercises that put force and pressure on the connective tissue joining the muscles. Crunches, which are taught in some schools, do exactly that and thus re-open closed muscles or make already separated muscles spread even further apart. It is important to close a diastasis at an early age by teaching children how to exercise effectively so they will have a stronger core and a better foundation for their future.

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