Tupler Technique® During Pregnancy:

Are childbirth education classes really enough to prepare women for the work of labor? No, not when they start at the end of pregnancy and concentrate only on preparing the mind. Labor is just like any other athletic event in that women must prepare both their minds and bodies. However, women are frequently told: “Don’t start an exercise program if you haven’t been exercising.” The misconception here lies in the definition of exercise. Exercise has become synonymous with the image of aerobic activities. But muscle strength, flexibility, relaxation and proper nutrition are the other components of fitness. All of these are vital before, during and after a woman’s pregnancy.

Keeping the diastasis as small as possible during pregnancy with the Tupler Technique® has a number of important benefits. It will help prevent back problems during and after pregnancy, in addition it will help you experience "perfect pushing" and lastly, will help you get your abdominal muscles back in shape faster after the birth of your baby.

Pushing incorrectly during labor causes unnecessary problems for your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. By learning how to push effectively during labor you can avoid these problems and also get your baby out faster! However, you cannot learn a new skill when you are in pain, so it is important to strengthen both your abdominal and pelvic muscles during pregnancy and to practice how to engage your abdominals while relaxing your pelvic floor muscles so this skill will become second nature in labor. A good time to practice is while going to the bathroom.

Make sure to pack a scarf in your suitcase so you can splint your abdominals in labor. Splinting will keep the uterus in proper alignment as the muscles will be supporting it instead of the weak connective tissue.

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