April Licensee of the Month: Anna Patricia Farrago

Anna Patricia Farago is a license  provider of the Tupler Technique® in Brazil.

Most women in Brazil undergo a c-section.   After experiencing a c-section most women would be happier if they did not have to undergo the “knife” again to repair their “mummy tummy.”  I would like to share with you her story.

“Being a Personal Trainer in Brazil I never thought that I would have a “mummy tummy.”  I have always been in great shape. However, lo and behold after my second child this is exactly what I had!  I was in shock.  According to the medical professionals, my only solution was a tummy tuck.  I discovered the Tupler Technique® and my belly was transformed! It was life changing for me so I decided to teach this program so I could help other women with a diastasis recti.  Having gone through the program myself, I have empathy for clients that have this condition.

I know that this condition has both psychological (low self esteem and depression) and physical (back pain, poor posture and constipation) side effects.  Low self- esteem and poor body image also has an effect on their relationship with their husband. The intimacy part of their relationship suffers. By communicating my own experience and feelings my clients immediately feel understood and feel hopeful. They are thrilled that they can change their bellies without surgery.  I share how the program involves a commitment and it is not an overnight process. It is not a quick fix or done by magic.

Continuous encouragement to keep my clients on the program is crucial as many do fall off the wagon.   My job is to support them in getting back on the program.  I show clients before and after photos of other clients, email and call them to support them in this process.  My favorite client I like to tell my clients about is a 63 year old woman with three grown children. She experienced a total transformation in her shape.  She is an example that determination and discipline are the key components of these type of results independent of age or physical condition.

My goal is to create a relationship of trust with my clients. There is a lot involved with doing program. Clients are having to establish new patterns of behavior which requires an ongoing awareness of what they are doing with their bodies.  This requires lots and lots of patience on my part as I know I must repeat myself many times.  I am open for all questions and I never make a client feel that any question is not a good one.

At the end of the day, their successes are my successes and I love making a difference in these women’s lives”


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