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  • The Trained Professionals on this website have successfully passed a written and demonstration exam after taking an intensive training program with Julie.
  • The course is an 8 week home study program and a 3 day intensive training.
  • As part of the home study program, Trainers are required to teach the program to two case studies.
  • If you know a medical or fitness professional and they do the training, you could be their case study at no cost to you!


Tupler Inc., is not responsible for the actions, representations, or agreements made by individuals who have been trained in the Tupler Technique® or have a Tupler Emblem on their website. The Trained Tupler Technique® Professionals listed on this site and any indivdual trainers who have been trained in the Tupler Technique® are not employees of Tupler Inc. Individual practitioners of the Tupler Technique® who have been trained by Tupler Inc., are independent practitioners and do not represent Tupler Inc. Any questions or complaints regarding the behavior of any individual practicing the Tupler Technique® should be directed to that individual. However, questions regarding the authenticity of the techniques being taught can be directed to Tupler Inc., through this website.


Tell them about the Tupler Technique®

Training Program.

As part of the program they need to teach two case studies.

You could be one of them and be trained at no cost.


Cheryl Bjornson

Personal Trainer

Orinda (San Francisco)CA, USA

Cheryl has been a certified personal trainer, specializing in pre/postnatal fitness instructor since 2006. She is honored to be the first Licensee in the State of California since 2011.She has been an active athlete her entire life participating in swimming, soccer and high jump growing up, and she played Division 1 NCAA soccer at UCLA. Cheryl has 3 young children and found it relatively easy to get back in shape after pregnancy but found it very difficult to get any positive results in her abdominal area. After having her 2nd child, Cheryl knew she had a significant Diastasis but failed to address it because she was told on countless occasions by fitness and medical professionals that surgery was the only option. She also felt like since she was going to have more children, she should just wait to address the problem which turned out to be a mistake because with each pregnancy a Diastasis gets worse. After having her 3rd child, and trying several core exercise routines including Pilates, yoga, bar based classes, boot camps, crunches, and planks, she found that not only was her belly not getting smaller, it was getting worse!!! She also began to suffer from significant lower back pain. After searching extensively on the Internet and seeing such positive feedback about the Tupler Technique®, she sought the help of Julie Tupler, RN, in the spring. Her Diastasis has gone from a whopping 10-finger separation, to less than a 3-finger separation in less than 10 weeks!!Since learning the Tupler Technique® and incorporating it into her daily routine, Cheryl now realizes that by waiting between each pregnancy and doing core exercises incorrectly, she only made her Diastasis worse. She is determined to educate both women and men who suffer from Diastasis Recti and the ill effects associated with an abdominal separation and help them avoid the same mistakes she made. Tupler Technique® has positively changed her body, the way she exercises and lives her life. She is honored to be the first Trained Professional in the State of California. She hopes she can share this revolutionary technique with you.Cheryl@abseparationrehab.com||www.abseparationrehab.com

Andrea S. Meyer, BA,LM,CPM,IAIM



Andrea became a licensed practicing midwife in 1998 and has been attending births and doing well women care for over 26 years. She’s had a passion for post birthing care ever since the birth of her first child. Recently she added “Tupler Technique® Trained Professional” to her list of credentials after Julie Tupler, RN correctly diagnosed her full belly diastasis which was swiftly corrected with the Tupler Technique® program. Now, Andrea works with clients directly for individualized consultations and hosts groups classes. She helps moms of all ages, as well as children and men. With all her years practicing midwifery, Andrea knows how to bring other modalities of health care into play. She has years of expertise in nutrition, food, supplementation, homeopathy, Bach flowers and herbs to bring a well-rounded, personalized, and holistic approach to her client’s healing journey. Watch her testimonialhere.info@oceanmidwivesinc.com||www.oceanmidwives.com


Luanne Sforza, PT, GCFP

Physical Therapist


Luanne, physical therapist, graduated from SUNY Buffalo over 35 years ago and has a specialty in orthopedic, musculoskeletal and sports injuries. Her treatment approach is unique in that she is also a certified Feldenkrais? practitioner, and skillfully integrates both in her hands-on, patient care. Several years ago Luanne began noticing her own pelvic floor weakness and began taking PT and Feldenkrais courses in the "missing link", the pelvic floor. Incorporating pelvic floor exercises simultaneously with the Tupler Technique® exercises has enabled her to successfully address incontinence and abdominal diastasis. Luanne was fortunate to have given birth to two beautiful children, 25 and 19 years ago. At that time she addressed her own abdominal weakness with core strengthening using Pilate’s equipment and mat classes, as little was known of diastasis recti. Fortunately she met Julie Tupler RN, invited her to lecture at a former PT practice and was quite surprised to learn of having an abdominal diastasis! Wanting to close her diastasis she eventually tried the Tupler Technique® Program but did not strictly adhere to the exercise program nor was convinced of the need to wear a splint 24/7. Hence there was no change in her recti diastasis until completing the Tupler Technique® Licensing program and incorporating the full, 4 part program into her own life- splint, exercise and all! Impressed with the visible and measured positive changes in her own belly, her two case studies, and others in her training, Luanne remains convinced that all 4 parts of the Tupler Technique® is necessary to close an abdominal diastasis. And is witness to the fact that it can be achieved no matter how long you have had one! Luanne is the owner of a PT private practice deservedly named, Integrative Physical Therapy originally located in NYC and Westchester. In the early part of 2015 she merged the NYC office with Jill Hoefs, owner of Body Align PT on Union Square, and continues a solo practice at her home in Danbury, C.T.
Email Address:iphysicaltherapy@gmail.com

Christy Murray, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy and Women’s Health Specialist

Ridgefield, Connecticut

Dr. Christy Murray, DPT, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with over 25 years of experience working with the world's leading hospitals, home care companies, professional sports teams and rehab facilities. She is also certified in myofascial release (MFR), yoga, personal training, and group fitness. Today, Christy operates her private practice in Ridgefield, CT dedicated to Women's Holistic Health.Christy’s expertise centers around optimizing “the core” for women in need for strengthening their belly area and pelvic floor. In her practice, Christy combines evidence-based therapies with innovative techniques, customizing holistic treatment plans for the unique needs of each patient. These plans can extend beyond pelvic floor and belly strength improvement to include total body strength and rehab therapies.Christy is a graduate of Northeastern University and Simmons College with Masters of Science and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees. She resides in Connecticut and is married with three kids, two dogs, 1 cat and six chickens.
Email Address:Christy.d.murray@gmail.com


Amanda Bello

YTU teacher, COTA

Chicago, Illinois

Since 2008, Amanda has been working in the field of occupational therapy and teaching yoga. Her hobby is crossfit along with competing in sprint triathlons. Amanda became a Tupler Technique®️ Trained Professiomal in 2021 after three years of being unsuccessful treating her own diastasis with other OT and Physical Therapy programs. With the Tupler Technique®️she was finally able to close a 5 finger separation in only 6 weeks. She was four months postpartum from her second child. Amanda decided to become a Tupler Technique®️ Trainer to help share with others that are searching for a diastasis program that actually yields results. After becoming Tupler Technique®️ Trainer, Amanda started teaching the exercises to her geriatric patients and the results varied from eliminating back pain which also resulted in decreased use of narcotics, increased ease with functional mobility, decreased bloating and digestive issues and increased ease with bowel elimination. Amanda is passionate about treating women , men and children with a diastasis.
Website:-Email Address:amandakaybello@gmail.com


Melanie Darcy, RN,BSN,CCRN


Boston Area,MA, USA

Melanie Darcy, RN, BSN, CCRN has been a Registered Nurse in Massachusetts since 2002. She has devoted her career to caring for children with congenital heart disease in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Boston Children’s Hospital. Melanie is a wife and mom to two amazingly energetic children and one very furry golden retriever puppy. Melanie’s life was changed by the Tupler Technique® program. She was able to close a large diastasis recti, non-surgically, thus improving her quality of life dramatically. Education regarding diastasis recti has become a newfound passion in Melanie’s nursing career. She believes that every woman should know about diastasis recti and the ramifications it has on their health as they age. Melanie is the proud owner of a private practice, CoreSet, providing clients with the education necessary to close their diastasis recti, utilizing The Tupler Technique®.

www.coresetboston.com || melanie@coresetboston.com

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Jenine Wright

Exercise SpecialistHealth Fitness Instructor

Winchester & Melrose,MA, USA

Jenine owns and operates a boutique fitness/ wellness studio north of Boston - fit life.

As fit life founder, Wright has trained everyone from Olympic athletes to total newbies. 

After receiving a master’s degree in exercise physiology from Adelphi University and a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of Massachusetts, Jenine worked in clinical physiology, health promotion, and training prior to founding fit life. She’s served as an examiner for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and holds numerous certifications and qualifications, including ACSM Exercise Specialist and Health Fitness Instructor, TRX Suspension Training, Mad Dogg Certified Spinning Instructor, Stages Indoor Cycling, Stage Flight, Indo-Row Coach, and is STOTT Pilates Mat, Reformer, special populations trained Jenine is an AHA BLS instructor and a holistic nutrition educator.

Through her education and experience, she’s learned that achieving your highest level of health is a multifaceted approach that includes not only movement but healthy eating and sleep habits, stress management, and, most importantly, the support of educated health, fitness, and nutrition professionals to guide and inspire you.

Email: Jenine@fitlifema.com | Website: Www.fitlifema.com


Kristin Malmquist

Physical Therapist

Baltimore, Maryland

Kristin has been practicing physical therapy since 2001 when she graduated from the College of Staten Island, with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy Program from New York state. She has practiced in many settings giving her a wide base of knowledge in the continuum of care. These settings include acute-care, rehabilitation, neurological clinics, skilled nursing facilities, home care and her favorite orthopedics. She has spent most of her career in outpatient orthopedics. After her second child, Kristin knew she had a Diastasis Recti. The education she received in Physical Therapy school was minimal on this issue. She began doing her own research and discovered the Tupler Technique®. She even began doing just part of the program, the exercises, and saw nice results. Over the next few years she resumed doing crunches, forward cross-over crunches, backward bending over exercise balls, and the list goes on!! Her diastasis got worse!!! That was when she decided to get serious about the Tupler Technique® and took the Tupler Technique® professional training program. Kristin saw significant improvements in her diastasis in just 6 weeks. She is excited to share her knowledge and help other women (men and children too) heal their abdominal separation with the Tupler Technique®. Help is out there for you!! Call or email today to set up a consultation.

Email: krislindenberg@aol.com || phone: 858-229-8576

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D."Amaadi" Coleman M.A CPT

Personal Trainer

Baltimore, Maryland

D. “Amaadi” Coleman aka The Belly Therapist® and Founder of Fit Tribe Wellness is a fitness and wellness entrepreneur centered on educating, motivating, and empowering women to lead healthy lifestyles. She is a NASM certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and holistic healing advocate.

She has been a fitness and wellness professional for over 10 years and holds a M.A. in Public Policy from George Washington University. Amaadi is a mom to three teenage sons.

After discovering that she had diastasis recti (abdominal muscle separation), she naturally healed herself and later became the first African American Tupler Technique® Trained Professional. Now, as the Belly Therapist®, Amaadi is the creator of Belly Therapy, which focuses on educating and supporting the natural healing of diastasis recti and its symptoms among other postpartum mothers.

Amaadi has been an Empowered Women International Program and BELL Revival Business Entrepreneur Program Fellow, and Recipient of a 2020 Movemeant Grant. She has been interviewed on various online platforms and has been invited to speak at women’s empowerment conferences. She currently is co-host of Fit Twins, an online radio show with BlakBoxxRadio.

Amaadi is author of Healthy Conversations, which has insightful tidbits from impactful influencers about their healthy eating journeys and includes tantalizing recipes from around the world.

Email: amaadi@fittribewellness.com Website: www.fittribewellness.com Website: www.fittribegear.com | CelPhone: 240-706-5535

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Lauren Buchsbaum, PT

Physical Therapist

Roseland,New Jersey. USA

Lauren Buchsbaum has been a licensed Physical Therapist for 13 years. She received her Bachelor of Science in Movement Science from the University of Michigan and then went on to get her Masters in Physical Therapy from Hunter College after having many great experiences volunteering in numerous physical therapy clinics while in undergrad. Lauren has worked in a variety of orthopedic settings including hospital based and outpatient. She has realized over the years that you can't just treat the "one" body part that is painful. She has learned that you must treat the patient has a whole and diagnose where the root cause of injury or dysfunction is. After years of feeling like she was unable to find "the missing link" to some of her patients back and hip pain she discovered the Tupler Technique®. She had just had her third child and was also feeling self conscious of her tummy. Lauren was absolutely amazed with the results and how quickly she was able see a difference. She also enjoyed all the compliments of how great she looked after having 3 kids! Lauren is still very active. She enjoys jogging, yoga and Pilates and has now learned how to safely practice all three while being diastasis safe. Lauren has seen it is never too late to heal. Lauren is excited to share her knowledge and help her clients.

atightertummy.com | Lauren@atightertummy.com | 917-647-4390

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Laura T Brayton, DC, CACCP, CSCP


Hoboken,New Jersey. USA

Dr. Laura Brayton is a maternity/pediatric holistic chiropractor and mama to her son, Finley. She is passionate about empowering women at all stages of their motherhood journey through conscious, educated, health decisions for themselves and their families. She opened her family wellness practice in Hoboken, NJ in 2005 and literally takes care of the entire family to restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health by optimizing nervous system function. After giving birth to her son in 2017, she returned to her normal workout routine, however, she noted that she had difficulty restoring her core strength. When she met Julie Tupler in NYC and was checked for diastasis, she was shocked to learn that she had a large diastasis. She knew that a large diastasis recti would make it difficult to hold correct spinal alignment which is required for proper nervous system function. She decided to become a trainer and was committed to following the 4-step program to heal her own body. Dr. Brayton cares for women, men and children in healing their weak cores and dramatically improving their quality of life.

www.hobokenchiro.com | info@hobokenchiro.com | 201-792-3544

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Elizabeth Kurau

Pilates instructor

Red Bank, New Jersey. USA

Elizabeth "Liz" Kurau is a passionate certified Pilates instructor who is a true believer in the Pilates method and its benefits. Liz has taught group classes for years but holds a special place in her heart for private training, where she believes the greatest individual growth and progress can be gained. "I am fueled by working in tandem with my clients, turning their mental and physical limitations into achievements together."Her mind was blown when her Pilates mentor (who went through the Tupler Technique® program as a client) taught her a single Tupler Technique® exercise after class one day. It was unlike anything she had ever felt in her abdominals before (and this girl has done LOTS of ab work)! Liz was at once determined to discover more about diastasis recti. She learned of its ties to lower belly pooch, and that it is often the stubborn cause of clients putting in tons of hard work but not seeing results on that specific area of the body. After devouring the research-based evidence ondiastasisrehab.com she knew that this was something that needed to be talked about and shared on a broader scope, particularly together with the Pilates method. In just 6 weeks Liz successfully closed her own diastasis as well as reversed the umbilical hernia of her case study.She is thrilled to educate and help those around her heal not only their separated muscles, but their relationship with their mind and body.

www.pilatesblast.com | elizabethkurau@gmail.com

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Dr. Catherine Addonizio, PT

Physical Therapist

Staten Island NY, USA

Dr. Catherine Addonizio D.P.T., is the founder of ProKinetics Physical Therapy located in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, New York. She graduated from Long Island University with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree after earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Physiology from Adelphi University. Catherine has practiced in the outpatient setting treating orthopedic conditions, neurologic disorders, and post-operative conditions in adults and the pediatric population.
Catherine is continuously expanding her scope of practice and is also a women's health physical therapist. After witnessing the amazing results of The Tupler Technique®, she realized how this would benefit so many women, men, and children that she treats. Not only are the results aesthetically pleasing, but there is such a significant connection between diastasis recti and low back pain, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction and abdominal surgery success. As a physical therapist she felt compelled to become licensed in the Tupler Technique® because she realized how life changing it can be and how helpful it can be to so many of her patients in their various roads to recovery.
www.ProKineticsPT.comcaddonizio@aol.com    646-739-7788

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Monet Dalpiaz RN, RYT

Registered Nurse

Long Island, NY, USA

Monet has been a Registered Nurse since 2003 with a background in both Emergency Nursing and Psychiatry. She has been a Registered Yoga Teacher since 2009, specializing in postnatal and children's yoga. In addition, Monet is the founder of Life is Energy™, a service that promotes energy health and wellness for all ages. Monet's personal experience with the Tupler Technique® inspired her to embark on sharing this incredible program with others! In 2011 a year after her first child was born, she decided to expand her yoga practice and take a postnatal yoga training. Here, she learned the term "diastasis rectI" for the first time despite her experience as a nurse. During the training she was measured incorrectly. She was told that she had a small diastasis and to wear a compression binder. In the same training, she was taught multiple exercises that she later learned actually make a diastasis worse! After her second birth, in 2013, she began to notice that she awoke with back pain nearly every morning and felt like her core was numb and not connected. Although this was affecting her self-esteem and causing her physical discomfort, she chalked it up to "mommyhood" and figured that she just had to live with it. Occasionally she would wonder if any of her ailments were related to her diastasis, but these thoughts were fleeting and she felt helpless. It seemed as though there was no solution; classic abdominal exercises like planks and crunches didn't help, nor did losing weight. Finally after three years, she became fed up with feeling helpless and began to research diastasis recti and came across the Tupler Technique®. She attended an Everybelly®Seminar and decided to sign up for the training program. Now knowing she had a severe diastasis, she began the program as part of her training program and found it life changing. It went far beyond seeing a difference when she looked in the mirror, She had re- established her core, a source of both physical and emotional strength. She is honored to have come across a program that makes such a difference and is excited to teach the Tupler Technique® to others and share its transforming effects!!

www.mycoreconsciousness.com | monetdalpiaz@gmail.com

Tony Farro, CPT, CES

Personal Trainer

Manhattan NY, USA

Anthony "Tony" Farro is a Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) with the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM). He also has a background in dance. His love and natural ability to teach brought him to the fitness industry. Being an Argentine Tango dancer led him to Julie Tupler and the Tupler Technique®. "A strong core is essential for a healthy and strong body. The Tupler Technique® has given him the tools to deliver the ultimate and complete level of core fitness to his clients. Tony teaches the exercise routine in the Diastasis Rehab Say Good Bye to Your Gut Guys® DVD.

www.Core-Complete.com tonyf52@hotmail.com

Toni McGinley MA, PT

Owner of Alta Physical Therapy

Manhattan NY, USA

Toni McGinley is a licensed Physical Therapist for 25 yrs specializing in orthopedic, musculoskeletal, Multiple Sclerosis, TMJ cases as well as a certified Schroth Scoliosis Therapist. Personally a mother of twin boys as well as 15 yr old girl. Toni became aware of her own Diastasis following the birth of her twins. She trained with Julie using the Tupler technique but felt she could not close the Diastasis by herself so proceeded to have tummy tuck. Five years later she realized the tummy tuck had come undone and needed to go back to doing the Tupler technique and this time get serious about it. She did exactly that and saw incredible results. This led to becoming an instructor and to educate other men and women with Diastasis. It takes hard work and dedication but the end results speak for themselves.


Bonnie Wayne

Personal Trainer Womens Fitness Specialist Holistic Fitness Specalist Prenatal Postnatal Specialist

Fairview Utah, USA

Bonnie Wayne is an N.A.S.M. certified prenatal/postnatal personal trainer, women's fitness specialist and a holistic fitness specialist. One of only two trained Tupler Technique® in Midwest, she saw people in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Michigan for 13 years, and now seeing people in Utah for the past 2 years to help pregnant clients strengthen and prepare for pushing and labor, and postpartum clients (no matter how long its been since they had kids) to help close their diastasis, strengthen their backs, reverse umbilical and epigastral hernias and restore their pre-pregnancy midsection. She also works with clients who have had a c-section or other abdominal surgeries to assist in minimizing scaring, minimize the muffin-top, close the diastasis, and strengthen their abdominals correctly. She has seen amazing results and is passionate about helping other women literally put themselves back together after pregnancy and restore their pre-pregnancy midsection. She personally has used the Tupler Technique® during and after her 2nd, 3rd, 4th,5th and 6th pregnancies. The program helped her close her diastasis and to return to her pre-pregnancy 25.5 inch waist after each one. She also has extensive nutritional background, and has done nutritional counseling for 17 years. She and her husband live in Fairview, UT with their 6 children.

bonniewayne1177@hotmail.com || www.beautifulafterthebelly.com

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tami huber, pt

Physical Therapist

Mount Pleasant Utah, USA

Tami Huber is a licensed physical therapist in Mount Pleasant, UT specializing for 17 years in helping people close their diastasis with the Tupler Technique®. In 2005 she was pregnant with her 1st child and discovered the Tupler Technique® while in PT school when she learned about the issue. She used it to close her diastasis after that pregnancy. She now has 6 children ages 17 down to 20 months, and each pregnancy she used the Tupler Technique® to keep her diastasis to a minimum, to maintain good muscles memory, core strength, allowing her to exercise throughout each pregnancy with confidence.She was able to bring he stomach muscles together with the Tupler Technique® and return her waistline to normal size within 4- 6 weeks after each pregnancy. This has greatly helped her to prevent backpain, stretchmarks, maintain good posture, as well as strengthen her pelvic floor.Because of her personal experience with this technique she is dedicated to help educate and empower women, restoring hope, confidence and helping them to literally reclaim their core!Tami loves to be active, playing basketball, soccer, snowboarding, rock climbing, and anything else outdoors, and spend time with her children and husband.

reclaimyourcore@gmail.com | reclaimyourcore.blogspot.com | 708 466-7237


Amanda Bello

YTU teacher, COTA

Chicago, Illinois

Since 2008, Amanda has been working in the field of occupational therapy and teaching yoga. Her hobby is crossfit along with competing in sprint triathlons. Amanda became a Tupler Technique®️ Trained Professiomal in 2021 after three years of being unsuccessful treating her own diastasis with other OT and Physical Therapy programs. With the Tupler Technique®️she was finally able to close a 5 finger separation in only 6 weeks. She was four months postpartum from her second child. Amanda decided to become a Tupler Technique®️ Trainer to help share with others that are searching for a diastasus program that actually yields results. After becoming Tupler Technique®️ Trainer, Amanda started teaching the exercises to her geriatric patients and the results varied from eliminating back pain which also resulted in decreased use of narcotics, increased ease with functional mobility, decreased bloating and digestive issues and increased ease with bowel elimination. Amanda is passionate about treating women , men and children with a diastasis.
Website:-Email Address:amandakaybello@gmail.com


Joy Dejoras, RN

Registered Nurse

Greystanes, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Joy Dejoras is a Registered Nurse and a mother of three, currently living in New South Wales, Australia. Years after her last pregnancy, she still had a mummy tummy that would just not go away, constant bloating and recurring lower back pains. These symptoms have significantly affected her health and work-life balance due to having regular massage treatments to temporarily relieve lower back pains and having to take regular medications to counter the GI issues. Initially, she had no idea of her 6-finger abdominal separation (diastasis), until she checked for her diastasis after hearing about the Tupler Technique and how it helps to flatten your mummy tummy. Once she knew about diastasis, the symptoms she had been suffering from started to make sense. She then applied to be a Professional Tupler Technique Trainer and by doing the program, reduced her diastasis size from 6 to 3, experienced no more lower back pains and bloating, and an added bonus of her waistline being reduced from 36” to 32” within 6 weeks and continually getting smaller! Convinced by the impressive results, she is determined to help other mums, dads, kids, and anyone who are suffering from the side effects of Diastasis recti


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Kristen Manallack, DO

Bayside and Kingston Suburbs,

Melbourne Australia

Kristen has a passion for seeing her patients achieve optimal function throughout their body. She is a registered Osteopath practicing in Melbourne’s bayside suburb Sandringham. In addition to holding a Master’s degree in Osteopathy, she has gone on to do post graduate study in pregnancy related conditions, clinical pilates and in 2006/2007 undertook a research project in the management of stress incontinence in women. Kristen enjoys leading a multi-modality clinic offering Osteopathy, Massage, Myotherapy and Pilates. In addition to working in private practice she enjoys mentoring the upcoming generation of Osteopaths at RMIT university as a supervising clinician in their student clinic.

Having a particular passion for women’s health, Kristen noticed a strong trend in treating women for recurrent back injuries and sprains, pelvic pain and pelvic floor issues. These women would respond well to treatment; however, their complaints were recurrent. She felt strongly that if they had improved muscular support of the abdominals, their activities of daily living would be easier and they would experience less pain and dysfunction. Assessment of these women showed a strong correlation with having diastasis recti. Kristen went in search of the best practice treatment options and was drawn strongly to training with Julie Tupler to become a Tupler Technique Trained Professional. Kristen is excited to be able to provide her patients with the Tupler Technique and to educate her pilates practitioners within her practice so that they can provide diastasis safe pilates classes.


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Nicole Pascher, CPT

Personal Trainer

Vienna, Austria

Nicole Pascher is the founder of KANGATRAINING, the world’s most widespread pre- postnatal workout program in over 20 countries and an author of the book KANGATRAINING. She is a former dancer, has been active in the fitness industry for over 25 years and is the mother of three beautiful children age 20, 18 and 11. It was in New York where she broadened her professional skill set by completing the ACE Fitness Instructor Certification, providing a solid foundation for her new career direction in fitness. She was hired as Chief Trainer and Manager at Exude, New York, at that time the largest personal training company in North America. Returning to Vienna she began teaching at various dance and fitness studios, and in 1998 founded her own personal training company. In 2008 - during her pregnancy with her youngest child, she specialized into pre and postnatal fitness and began developing her own unique workout program, known as KANGATRAINING. Kangatraining now offers a variety of diastasis recti safe indoor and outdoor programs for pregnant women, moms, dads, children and seniors as well. Together with her husband, Dr. Andreas Pascher, she is constantly working on expanding Kangatraining and in 2016 they started their jewelry label PAMIPA. With PAMIPA they have set themselves the goal of financing their own children's home which they were proud to officially open in Rumania in 2018. In addition to the training of Kangatrainers and the global expansion of Kangatraining, Nicole continues to teach PreKanga, Kangatraining, KangaBurn and Kanga Powerhouse in Vienna as well as working with the Tupler Technique® and bringing the Tupler Technique® into the Kangatraining World.
Email: info@kangatraining.atWebsite:www.kangatraining.infoWebsite:www.pamipa.at/Website:www.rektusdiastase-schliessen.infoWebsite:www.nicolepascher.com| Phone:+43 650 555 81 22

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Master Trainer

Beatriz Araújo, MD


Asa North, Brasilia, Brazil

Beatriz is a physician from Brasilia, Brazil. She graduated in 2003 from the University of Brasilia. Aftergiving birth to her first child, she discovered she had a severe diastasis. She did not understand this sincealways had been into fitness and sports. She was told by her doctor colleagues her only solution was plasticsurgery. Fortunately, she found the Tupler Technique® a non- surgical solution. With this program she closedher diastasis and achieved a better and flatter belly then before being pregnant. It then became her mission tobring an awareness to women in Brazil that it is possible to regain their bodies without surgery in most ofcases. In 2012 she became a Tupler Technique® Trained Professional. Since then, she has helped hundreds ofwomen.

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Master Trainer

Iryna Bilchenko,


Ontario Canada

Iryna is a health care and fitness professional with more than 25 years of extensive experience. Having worked at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and the Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Rehabilitation and Prosthetics, she is skilled at working with people who have various disabilities. She also has experience with developing and teaching programs including prenatal and postpartum, TRX®️, INSANITY LIVE®️, PIYO®️, P90X®️ programs for groups and individuals of different ages, genders, and ability levels. In January 2019 she became an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner, assisting the patient's body in healing itself. As the founder of Movement Art Studio - Osteopathy and Wellness in Ontario, she is happy to be the part of the Tupler Technique®️ team, and is passionate about sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge with people, inspiring them to live the life they desire.

Email: info.musclediastasis@gmail.com | Website: https://musclediastasis.com/ | Phone: +1 647 949 1971

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Andrea Cechurova, CPT

Personal Trainer

Prague, Czech Republic

Andrea is a certified Personal Trainer and the only licensed provider of the Tupler Technique® in Central and Eastern Europe. As pregnant, Andrea was often in the gym doing planks and crunches and practicing yoga, believing that this is the way which would keep her in shape. After her child was born, she wanted to regain a flat tummy again and started doing lots of abdominal exercises including sit ups, crunches and planks. One year after giving birth she was still at the same weight as before pregnancy but she still looked pregnant. The tummy did not improve! Andrea was desperate and started searching what the problem could be and she realized that the problem is called Diastasis Recti. She had never heard about it and consulted the problem with her gynecologist, but was told that the plastic surgery is the only solution! It was absolutely not an option for her, so she continued to search for other possibilities. Finally, one day she found the Tupler Technique®, which seemed to be the only option that could work. After she tried the technique, she lost 6 cm in her waist in just 6 weeks and regained an innie belly button. She was so excited, that despite her completely different profession she became a Personal Trainer, and did the training with Julie Tupler RN and finally became a trained provider of the Tupler Technique® in August 2015. Now she is ready to bring this amazing exercise technique to Czech Republic and help anyone with the Diastasis Recti.
www.tuplertechnika.cz|Email: andrea@tuplertechnika.cz

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Tatjana Bogdan

Medical Fitness & Health Manager (B.A.) Pre/postnatal Personal Trainer

Norderstedt, Hamburg, Germany

Tatjana Bogdan is a certified pre/postnatal Personal Trainer, specialized in diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues, Group Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Coach. Through her constant way of education in women's health, Tatjana is always looking for different ways to treat problems and empower women. She is passionate about helping other women to healthy recover after pregnancy, close their diastasis, treat pelvic floor issues, strengthen their core effectively and get fit for everyday life.

She has attended numerous professional courses to boost her knowledge and skills in women's health. Such as Medical Fitness, K-Tapink gynecology, pelvic floor dysfunction and rehab after birth are only some of them. Tatjana is currently about to get her bachelor’s degree as medical fitness specialist. She sees Medical Fitness as a natural link between therapy and fitness.

Tatjana has personal experience with diastasis recti after her two pregnancies. She was able to close their diastasis on her own. But in her professional way she was constantly looking for a more effective way to treat women, especially with larger diastasis recti.

She found the Tupler Technique® and thought this is a perfect way for it. So it was natural for Tatjana to become qualified as Tupler Technique® Trained Professional to expand her experience and knowledge. The results she could achieve with her clients were amazing. Now she is excited to share her knowledge and help other women to heal their abdominal separation and get healthier.

Her ability to speak german, russia and english allow her to reach women and to bring the Tupler Technique® across language barriers.
Email: info@mamatime.de | Website: www.mamatime.de

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Katrin Rey, PT

Physical Therapist

Frankfurt, Germany

Katrin has been a Physical Therapist since 2001 specializing and working in Orthopedic Rehab, including certification and experience in Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) and Manual Therapy. After living in the USA with her family for 5 years, she moved back to Germany in 2016. Upon returning she noticed a huge demand and information gap on pre- and post-natal care for mothers - and women in general - and grew more interested in specializing in gynecology and women’s health. She first learned of the Tupler Technique® when an American friend reached out for advice on diastasis recti. Katrin started researching and continued to notice the neglect for this medical issue in Germany. Convinced this technique would benefit so many women desperately seeking help she set up a Skype call with Julie Tupler, RN to learn more about her program - quickly deciding to participate. During her study time she witnessed the amazing results for both herself and her case studies: closing of their diastasis, improved core strength, pelvic floor strength and improved mind-body-awareness. She is proud to be the first Tupler Technique® Trained Professional in all of Germany. Katrin is a mom of two girls and lives in Frankfurt/Germany where she currently studies pelvic floor dysfunctions, K-Taping and evidence based Breastfeeding & Lactation Consultation.

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Master Trainer

Chiara De Benedetti

Personal Trainer

Rome, Italy

Chiara graduated with honors in Physical Education in Rome in 1995 and she is currently completing a degree in Nutrition Science. She has been a physical education teacher and a certified personal trainer for over 20 years. She is also the athletic trainer of one Italy’s national women’s volleyball teams. An athlete, a professional and a mother, she noticed she had diastasis recti after her second pregnancy. Until then, she knew little about this condition, which affects many more people than she had thought. After several years of research and study Chiara learned about the Tupler Technique®. That was when she realized why she couldn’t get rid of her “mummy tummy” despite all the exercises she did every day—she was doing the wrong exercises! The Tupler Technique® program gave her a new shape. She was so impressed w#e-1633580443755ith her results, that she decided to dedicate her energy to the dissemination of the technique in Italy, a country where the solution for diastasis recti is considered to be primarily surgical. She became a Tupler Technique® Trained Professional December 2018 and is honored to be the first licensee in Italy.

Email: chiaradbpersonaltrainer@gmail.com | Website: www.chiaradbpersonaltrainer.it

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Master Trainer

Natallia Sakevich

BASI® Pilates Teacher

Naples, Italy

Natallia is a BASI® Pilates Teacher and the owner of Pilates Spot® Studio in Naples, Italy, where she teaches individuals and groups. She works with clients of all ages and ability levels, but she is particularly passionate about working with women during their pregnancy and postpartum period. She has attended numerous professional courses and development workshops to boost her knowledge and skills. BASI® Mentor Program in Italy, Learn From the Leaders in California, USA, BASI® Master Program in Germany were among the most influential ones for her. Below you can find a list of other workshops and courses that she completed. Pilates through Pregnancy and Beyond, Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies, Pilates for Scoliosis, Pilates for the Athlete, Powerhouse of the Upper Girdle, Evolution of the Spine Corrector, Art of Cueing,Turning Back to Move Forward, Pilates for the Athlete using the Wunda Chair and Foam Roller, F2 System presented by Rael Isacowitz, Foam Roller TheraBand Over-Ball - Il Potenziale Nascosto dei Piccoli Attrezzi, Alla scoperta dei Feedback dei Piccoli Attrezzi, Pilates for the Mature Client, Specialista in Esercizio Correttivo, Board Total Experience, Pilates and Postura, Il Powerhouse e la Riabilitazione del Pavimento Pelvico, Myofascial Release, Kinesio Taping, Blackroll® Trainer Education, Pilates Mat Work for the Mature Client, Mobility of the Lower Spine. Natallia sees Pilates as a natural link between therapy and fitness. It's a perfect way to fulfill her desire to help people feel good in their bodies. She feels very fortunate to have discovered the Tupler Technique® as her clients in Italy will definitely benefit from it. Natallia teaches in Italian, Russian and English.

Email: info@pilatespot.com | Website: www.pilatespot.com Email: info@diastasispot.com | Website: www.diastasispot.com phone: +39 328 177 2793, +39 351 293 8262

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Ritu Kumar Singh

Fitness Trainer

Faridabad, Haryana India

Ritu Kumar Singh is a Fitness trainer and specializes in Women fitness. She is also certified in Nutrition from ISSA. She is honored to be the first licensee in India. She has served as a Short Service Commissioned Officer (Ex-Captain) in the Indian Army for 5 years. Having served in Indian Army, she has been into various sporting activities. She is a mother of two young girls. After her second Pregnancy, she realized that her belly doesn't look the same way it did earlier and started facing a lot of back pain. Shortly after, she learnt about Diastasis Recti and was shocked to know that in her career as a fitness trainer, there was not much awareness about this subject. Even the doctors didn't have a clear picture about it. Since learning about the Tupler Technique® and incorporating it in her own life, Ritu realized that by doing core exercises incorrectly throughout her life, which actually caused more harm to herself than good. She started her page on her social media handle "FIT MOMS FITTER HOMES" with the aim of educating women about the right techniques and exercises which needs to be done during pre and post-natal. She is now determined to educate all men and women and create awareness about the ill effects of having abdominal separation. She believes that if each individual incorporates Tupler Technique® in their day to day activities, then they can easily avoid and get rid of various problems like back, hip pain and other GI Issues, which seems to be very common these days. Tupler Technique® has changed her total outlook of how an ideal core workout should be and how she can incorporate the same in other exercises. The Tupler Technique® made her realize the power of the mind and how muscle-mind connection can play a crucial role in strengthening our abdominals. She feels proud to be the first Indian and be a part of this revolutionary movement of creating awareness about Diastasis Recti in her country. She hopes that she can share this technique with everyone she meets.

Email: Fitmomsfitterhomes@gmail.com |

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Veenu Goenka, CFP

Veenu Goenka is a Certified Fitness Professional through American Council on Exercise (ACE). She believes in healthy and mindful eating and is passionate about fitness. Equipped with an MBA degree, she had started her career as an entrepreneur. In her first pregnancy, she delivered a 4.7 kg baby. For many years post that, in spite of working out everyday and losing all the baby weight, she tried but just could not get rid of a protruding belly. Her second pregnancy made it even worse. For almost 10 years she searched everywhere for a solution to the problem she had with her belly which included consulting with many doctors. Unfortunately, because of nonawareness and lack of knowledge on this subject in India, she was never correctly diagnosed for having an abdominal separation. Eventually, she was diagnosed with umbilical hernia, where the only option presented to her was to go in for an abdominal surgery. That lit a fire in her to hunt for a non-surgical solution for abdominal separation which WORKS!! She didn’t want any other woman with a similar condition, to suffer like her. Her quest led her to the Tupler Technique, and had herself trained as a certified Tupler Technique Professional. Now, she wants to spread awareness about Diastasis Recti and how it creates a dysfunctional core and many other issues in the body. She wants to help every woman who wonders why she still looks pregnant by making them aware of their condition and working with them to fix it.
Email: contact@healyourcore.in ;
Call: +91 9163257711

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Cindy Tábata Delgado Orozco, PT

Physical Therapist

San Luis PotosÃMexico

Cindy has a Master's degree in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy and Pain Treatment from Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain. She also has a Graduate degree in Physical Therapy from Universidad del Valle de México, S.L.P. Cindy has a Postgraduate in the Treatment of Dysfunctions of Temporomandibular Joint, Kinesiotaping, and Certifications in Myofascial pain and trigger points, "Dry needling", "Pelvic floor dysfunctions and its treatment with physiotherapy".

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Kirsten Zimmermann


Zürich, Switzerland

Kirsten has been a midwife since 2001, working at delivery ward and in maternity at Klinik Im Park hospital in Zürich. In addition to pregnancy check-ups, natural births, c-sections and post-natal care, she has been teaching pre and postnatal classes for over 13 years, with her goal being to help the mother regain core and pelvic floor strength. She noticed the lack of information and knowledge of medical professionals and physiotherapists in this area when she realized she had no idea where to send the clients to heal it. In Switzerland, the condition is often ignored, and therefore, information about the condition of a diastasis is rare. Even more rare are therapists that know how to treat it. She decided to learn as much as she could and began to work with clients that had diastasis. In 2015, Kirsten and a colleague founded the one and only individual diastasis consultation in Switzerland, at Hirslanden Klinik Im Park in Zürich, treating successfully women with diastasis recti in individualized consultations. After learning about the Tupler Technique® and reading Together Tummy® she knew that the Tupler Technique® was exactly the program she was looking for. In 2018, Kirsten became the first Tupler Technique® professional in Switzerland.

Email: Geburtenabteilung.KlinikImP ark@hirslanden.ch |

Website: https://www.hirslanden.ch/de/klinik-im-park/kurse-und-vortraege-der-hirslanden-klinik-im-park/schwangerschaft-und-geburt/rektusdiastase.html

Maude Baechler

Pilates instructor

Pully, Switzerland

I used to be a professional contemporary dancer among different cities suchas London and Rotterdam. After few years, I decided to take a break from thedancing world and started my studies at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, inorder to have different knowledge such as marketing, finances andentrepreneurship for my professional future. After having worked in differentcosmetics companies and having had my first daughter, I realized that Ineeded to get back to my body awareness, I had this need to move again andtherefore I became a Pilates instructor. Moreover after my second kid andloads of requests from my friends about « how to close their diastasis », Imade my researches and found out about Julie Tupler and her technique.Which, today, made me proud of becoming a Tupler Technique Trainer.

Email: info@corebymaude.com |


Cheryl Ng



Cheryl completed her Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) in 2004 and obtained her Master in Manipulative Therapy in 2006. During her years of practice, she came across many individuals seeking treatment for diastasis recti. However, she noticed that patients had very variable outcomes after rehabilitative treatment. Cheryl first found out about the Tupler Technique® after one of her patients with severe diastasis recti reported good results with the it. Cheryl began to take note of the Tupler Technique® and was impressed by its systematic approach and effective outcomes. Noticing a high prevalence of diastasis recti and a lack of reliable non-surgical treatment options in the region, Cheryl embarked on her journey to bring the Tupler Technique® to Southeast Asia. She is now the first certified Tupler Technique® professional in the region.

Email: cherylngphysio@gmail.com |

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Vanessa Conway


Belsize Park, England, UK

Vanessa, body whisperer, has been passionate about the body from a young age especially on how to heal our relationship with it.Through her fitness career, she encountered several obstacles taking the form of injuries (several back problems, uterus' infection, burn out...) but never felt less supported and guided than after the birth of her second child. her tummy was not healing and her body kept collapsing in the middle of the day, her back unable to support anymore. The Tupler technique has completed her training bringing light even more on the necessity of a healthy core.She will be happy to guide you in your healing process whatever the stage you are in your life. Book your FREE belly check now on https://p.bttr.to/3dM3VNk

vanessfitness82@gmail.com | www.feelmovebewithvanessa.com | 07702586655

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