Bonnie Wayne- Licensee for Month of September

I would like to introduce Bonnie Wayne. I trained Bonnie and her sister Tami Huber 8 years ago when I was teaching the Maternal Fitness® Program.  So they have been working with me the longest. Bonnie with her five pregnancies is a testament that the program works and she is very passionate about teaching the program. Here is her story.  Julie

“My journey with the Tupler Technique® began 8 years ago when I was pregnant with #2.  My sister Tami Huber, also a licensee, was going to PT school.  She mentioned “split abdominal muscles” to me that they had just learned about in a couple paragraphs that day.  I was confidant I did nott have “THAT” until I sat upright at 8 months pregnant and noticed a strange looking mound in my belly area.  I thought – Oh NO!  I am BROKEN!  I ingested all the information I could find out about diastasis recti and what to do about it.  I discovered the Tupler Technique® and then tried to “fix myself”.  After some solo trial and error I closed my gap.  I looked and felt great and wanted to be able to help others.  I found information about this topic sorely lacking in all circles.

I have since been through THREE MORE pregnancies and post partum recoveries using the Tupler Technique®.  Each has been a different experience.   Interestingly my pregnancy and recovery with diastasis and getting back to my 25 inch waist was EASIEST with #5 – in part due to splinting during pregnancy with the new and improved splint!  What a blessing to know I have the tools it takes to get to close the diastasis recti in 4 weeks and get back to a 25 inch waist 6 weeks after having #5!  Not to mention the most important – feeling truly strong and well to take care of my family.

It is a joy to see clients who have been split to a 3, 7 or 10 or 12 finger width gap, and start to see the startling and amazing transformations of their belly area, the strength of their muscles, the functionality of their intestines, and the reversals of many umbilical hernias.

Helping women reverse hernias has become a love of mine.  After reversing two of my own hernias – one DURING pregnancy (2 inches high, 1 inch wide) in only 1 week, and reversing another hernia of the same size, different location in only 3 days, I truly feel like it is my calling to work with women who have hernias – some not even realizing!  Some women just see their belly button “does not look right” and then discovering all along it’s an umbilical hernia.  Each one is my challenge!  I have seen complete reversals of many of these hernias – never to need tape again to keep it from popping out under clothing, or pain to the touch.   Wow does that make a difference!  And so nice to give the body a natural option that it understands and with which it can heal.

The Tupler Technique® world has been a fascinating one.  Working around my five precious young children has been a challenge, but also a nice outlet to truly help so many get their belly back and feel truly BEAUTIFUL AFTER THE BELLY!”

Bonnie Wayne || 

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