Achieve a Flat Stomach Despite Diastasis Recti: Is it Possible?

Having a flat stomach  with a diastasis recti depends on the size of  your diastasis. If you have a small diastasis yes you can have a flat belly.  The larger your diastasis, the weaker the connective tissue between the separated muscles and the less support for your organs and the bigger your belly. Especially after you eat! When you close your diastasis not only will you have a flat belly but you will also get a waist. Closing your diastasis is all about healing the weak connective tissue between the separated muscles so they are strong enough to hold the muscles in a close together position.  You can close your diastasis with the research and evidienced based 4 step Tupler Technique®.

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Watch the short video below to know what a diastasis is.