Cheryl Mostowski: Licensee of the Month of January 2014

I want to introduce Cheryl Mostowski who has been a Licensee for 3 years.  I feel so blessed to have this woman on my Team. When you read her story you will understand why!  She is so passionate about making a difference in people’s lives.  Julie

My journey into The Tupler Technique® was through Pilates and the healing of my own back pain and sciatica.  I had a Pilates trainer that was amazingly attentive to detail and correct posture, alignment, core control, etc. and never let me get away with simply “going through the motions”!  Having experienced a physical problem healed by learning to properly strengthen my “true core” lead me to teach Pilates, and to delve deeply into how our bodies were designed as I constantly challenged my own clients to always engage their transverse muscles while doing any exercise.  “If you can’t do it right – you shouldn’t be doing it” was my motto!  And if your tummy was “pooching” out – you were not ready or strong enough for that movement.

Thus it was a natural segway into teaching The Tupler Technique® as the focus of this method is properly utilizing your abdominals correctly to heal diastasis. The past three years has been an amazing time of walking alongside women, men, and even young adults as they learn they have Diastasis Recti and that there is hope for them to heal and live pain free.  When I hear “I have no more back pain,” “I feel so strong – and it’s only been three weeks”; “I think I’ve had a diastasis since I was a child, now I’m 62 and never thought I could heal and I feel great again”… I know how blessed I am to be doing this work.  Or the tears that flow as a woman feels like her organs are “finally back where they belong” years after having the last child.

My work with prenatal women is another area that has been exciting – to watch a woman 4 months pregnant close her separation as her tummy gets larger; to hear a testimony of how much easier a third delivery was than the previous two because of strong abdominals is inspirational to me and keeps me going!  I’ll never forget one woman’s words that she felt better at 9 months than at 3 months (and without the pain she had) before learning how to work her core (and while she had a large separation that had now almost healed)!!

One of my passions is to get the word out to the medical professionals that there IS a way to heal a diastasis naturally – without surgery!  I know we have a lot of work to do to make sure every person who has a diastasis can make an informed decision before they choose the surgical option, which runs the risk of so many complications.  I always tell people – try it first – what do you have to lose except for a couple of weeks’ time?  What do you have to gain?  At the very least you will have strong abdominals even if you don’t heal (which I know they can if they have the motivation and get the work done!)  And I love being right there beside them… cheering them on!

Thanks, Julie, for being a pioneer in this area and for all your hard work and perseverance!

Cheryl Mostowski ||

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