ChiroHub Verdict: Tupler Technique® Transforms Core Strength & Diastasis Recti Recovery

CHIROHUB reviewed the Tupler Technique® Program and this is their verdict:

"In our patient population who followed the Tupler Technique®, there were great results when the patient carried out the program exactly and wore the associated brace. The exercises are fairly simple, but do require quite a commitment to remember to do them three times a day as suggested.  Overall though this program is highly effective when performed properly, easy for patients to do on an individual basis, and can fit into any budget with most packages... We at Chirohub, certainly think it should be a tool chiropractors have in their toolkit for recommending to patients with obvious deconditioning of the core and/or a diastasis recti."

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The Tupler Technique® program is a popular exercise routine for mothers to get rid of their diastasis recti, a condition where the abdominal muscles tear and the separation between the rectus muscles increases. The Tupler Technique® program has an initial assessment and a video tutorial that you can follow at home.

The Tupler Technique® program focuses on four areas - splinting, core strengthening exercises, diastasis safe workouts and activities of daily living. These are all important factors when it comes to our healing your diastasis. The splinting keeps the separated muscles in a closed-together position(like a cast for a broken bone),  the muscle engagement exercises helps to close a diastasis and builds up your core strength, the activities of daily living help to protect your prevent further separation & preserve the gains you have made and diastasis safe workouts keeps you fit without doing further harm to your separated abdominal muscles.

There have been plenty of positive reviews from women who have managed to finally get rid of their belly bulge by following this routine for a few weeks or months at a time.

CHIROHUB is an organization that helps patients find the best chiropractor for their needs and also facilitates referrals between chiropractors. 

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