Flatten Your Tummy and Strengthen Your Core with the Proven Tupler Technique®

“Once you have completed the eighteen weeks, it is essential to continue the regimen until your diastasis is closed if it has not closed by then. Healing your diastasis may take anywhere from six weeks to over twelve months or more. The time it takes to close your diastasis depends on the severity of your diastasis and your commitment to my program. Once it is closed, you can stop wearing your splint but you have to continue doing the other three steps of the program. I will talk about how many of your Tupler Technique® exercises you will need to do for “maintenance.” Incorporating the program into your daily activities and exercise routine will keep the muscles from reopening.”

(excerpt from Together Tummy by Julie Tupler, RN.)

Did you know that buying the Together Tummy book entitles you to a lifetime membership to our private book club? You get support from other people doing the program and your questions answered by Julie with her webinars done every other month.

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Watch the short video below to know what a diastasis is.

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