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Doing the seated contracting exercises can be a challenge as they continually increase in number as the weeks of the program go by. The program starts with 5 sets of 100 a day in week one and progresses all the way to 20 sets of 100 per day in week 18.  So we want to make you look forward to doing these exercises by having them be your “muscle meditation”. These exercises will be your time of day where you will get your “abdominal high,” so we have provided a few recommendations on how to make exercises as easy and efficient as possible.

To make the exercises your muscle meditation, you must close your eyes so you can be in moment and visualize the blood flowing to the connective tissue with each contraction.  Then, visualize the connective tissue getting shallower and stronger and see the muscles coming together.

To make the exercises easier and more efficient, first set your phone to remind you do the exercises three times a day. Then, when doing the exercises, use the timer on your phone.  Starting in Week 4, it becomes more difficult to keep track of the number of sets you have done because you are doing 10 sets of 100 a day, so using the timer will be very helpful to you. The 10 sets are divided throughout the day as 3 sets in the morning, 4 sets in the afternoon and 3 sets in the evening.   It takes roughly 2.5 minutes to do one set of 100.  Therefore, by using the timer, it should take you 7.5 minutes to do 3 sets and 10 minutes to do 4 sets.

As the sets increase every 3 weeks you will have to do the math to increase the amount of time on the timer.

You also may want to record Julie’s voice from the DVD while she is doing the exercises onto your phone, so you can hear Julie while you are doing the exercises.  Having Julie’s voice help count out the contractions has been very helpful to many of her clients.

Remember to count out loud and double splint as much as you can.  Double splinting starts in Week 4 of the program. You can do your seated contracting exercises while riding in the car, on a train, while watching TV or when feeding your child.  Any place where you are actually sitting and can focus on your “muscle meditation”. Even if you can’t double splint, still do the exercises.

We would be happy to hear feedback from you the customer, if this has been helpful to you and if you have any other helpful suggestions so we can share your tips on succeeding with the Tupler Technique ®.

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