My clients ask me all the time if it is too late for them to heal their connective tissue. My answer is always the same. No, it is never too late. However, factors that affect the speed with which the connective tissue heals can make the healing process longer, but never impossible. Two factors are age and circulation. Generally connective tissue heals faster and better in the young who possess a better nutritional state and blood supply as well as a faster metabolic rate which can process needed materials more quickly. That is why it is SO important to drink lots of water as this can increase your metabolism no matter what your age. At the very minimum a glass in the morning when you wake up, one in the afternoon and one before you go to bed. Drinking even more water would be even better because water is required for:

1. Dissolving and eliminating waste;

2. Maintaining the circulatory system;

3. Supporting the activity of enzymes and functioning of all cell membrane components;

4.Dispersing and dissolving nutrients and nutrient carriers in the body.

Yes, water does all that!!! So, get into a “hydration habit.” If you don’t like just plain water, add lemon or lime to it. Or, add diluted juices or make it into herbal tea.
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