Diastasis Recti & The Emotional Connection

Diastasis Recti & The Emotional Connection

Shortly after starting to work with the Tupler Technique, I noticed that in some cases, the technique did not seem to work as expected. While most of my clients gained fantastic results, including better overall strength, posture, awareness, and a better belly, some clients struggled along the way. Even though they tried hard to follow the four steps of the program, their symptoms did not change or even worsened: some developed pelvic floor issues, some did not gain more core strength, their bellies looked the same after 3-6 weeks, and neither the circumference, connective tissue, nor diastasis recti improved.

Observations and Emotional Reactions

Being fully aware of the typical compensation patterns and strategies, I started to observe this group of clients more closely. I noticed that the more I helped them find the right muscle, the more emotional these clients became. Some started crying, some shared memories, and some froze while their whole body stiffened up.

Research into Emotional Connections

With many questions in my mind, I began researching, not knowing where to start as I did not know the word for what I observed to put into the search engine. I knew that diastasis recti could have an emotional effect on clients, but in this case, I felt it might also be the other way around: the emotional component could impact diastasis recti.

The first time I read about trauma and disconnection was in 2020 when I stumbled across an online article. Everything I read was exactly what I noticed in my clients, which motivated me to start my journey into trauma, body-oriented psychotherapy, and psychosomatics that same year. I started to ask my clients different questions and found out that most of the ones who struggled had a history of trauma, such as a traumatic birth experience, sexual or physical abuse, a diagnosis, surgery, or medical intervention, shock, and/or grief due to abortions, miscarriages, and fertility issues, to name a few.

Emotional Disconnection and Its Effects

When we disconnect from our feelings and our bodies, it is hard to work on diastasis recti, core, and pelvic floor function, as those deep structures need precise coordination. In order to activate those muscles, we need to be able to feel them, and for that, we need to be connected with our bodies.

Common Symptoms of Emotional Disconnection

  • Feeling numb in parts of the body
  • Feeling like there is a disconnect between the upper and lower body
  • Feeling like the belly does not belong to them
  • Inability to touch the belly or a scar
  • Inability to see themselves in the mirror
  • Digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and constipation
  • Breathing issues or issues with sexual function

Re-Connecting with the Body

I realized that some of my clients needed to re-connect with their bodies first before the four steps of the Tupler Technique could be effective. Re-connecting with the body may also involve dealing with the emotions and senses we have been disconnected from. As it is very important to slow things down and take baby steps in the process, I adapted the Tupler Technique to the emotional progress of the client and noticed a significant difference in the healing process and the mental health of the client.

For more information on diastasis recti and its emotional connections, visit my website.

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