Scar Mobilization Techniques for Healing After Surgery

Scar mobilization should be done after the incision has healed and the staples or stitches have been removed.

Be gentle at first, and if you are feeling any pain, reduce the pressure. Initially massage the scar tissue by working it with a rubbing motion along its length. Next, roll the scar between your thumb and forefinger. The goal is to move the skin and the muscles away from each other so that they slide freely over one another. Remember that the incision is very deep, as it has penetrated through both the skin and the muscles. Try to get underneath the scar and then roll it between your fingers. You can also take the ends of the scar and move them towards each other. Then move your fingers closer to each other on the scar and do this same movement.

For the best results, massage your scar two to three times a day for five to ten minutes. The more you massage the scar, the faster it will heal. Aside from the healing benefits, massaging your scar will help it become less visible with time. It is possible to see results in three to four weeks. If you feel itching or numbness around the incision site, it is because nerves that were cut during the operation are beginning to regenerate. This nerve recovery will probably last for some time, while the scar tissue itself will remain numb.

If you have a sensitive scar and don’t want to massage it, I recommend taping it. This is a new approach to reducing scar tissue. Here you can use my TogetherTape® . Placing the TogetherTape®  onto the scar will put gentle pressure on it, pulling it off the muscle. This tape can be left on for 24 to 48 hours, and it will work while you sleep. If you have difficulty getting underneath the scar while doing the massage, you may want to loosen it up with this tape first.

If you are uncomfortable doing this yourself, you can go to a physical therapist. Most of them do scar mobilization. They may want to loosen it up with ultrasound or laser. There is also a specific technique called Visceral Manipulation based on the work of Jean Pierre-Barral. Another technique for scar mobilization using acupuncture is called myofacial needling, which some patients find very helpful. These may be methods of treatment that you want to investigate.
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