August is usually the hottest month of the year and a time when my clients do NOT want to wear their splints!  An idea a client shared with me is that she bought an extra set to wear under her bathing suit.  That made me so happy because of the importance of wearing the splint all the time to keep your muscles and connective tissue in a close together position so it closes faster.  So, to encourage everyone to wear your splint in the summer, I hope you will buy an extra set to wear in the water.  I am not saying to “swim in the water” as swimming is not a good activity when doing this program to close your diastasis. I am saying just wear while going in the water to stay cool. 

Would a 50%...60% or even a 70% discount encourage you?

At these prices you can also give them as gifts or make them into a TogetherTummy™ Splint which has extra Velcro that attaches to a  tank top to keep it in place better. You can make your own TogetherTummy™ splint by adding extra Velcro to the pad and middle of the elastic arms and use it with our Together Tummy™ moisture wicked tank top.  I’m glad to show you how to do this on one of my live Friday webinars.  Or just email me at info@diastasisrehab.com and you will be sent the instructions. The TogetherTummy™ Daywear Splint and Tank top is also now available on my website.  You can buy them as a package or individually.  There is a video showing you how to put it on. Click here to view the video

Starting August 1, my Diastasis Rehab Splint® will be on sale at the following discounted prices:

  • 50% off or $25 per splint if you buy one (USE CODE: 50%OFFSP)
  • 60% off or $20 per splint if you buy two (USE CODE: 60%OFFSP) and
  • 70% off or $15 per splint if you buy three or more (DISCOUNT IS AUTO-APPLIED)

You can buy as many as you like. However, understand that if you wait, your size may be sold out as we have a smaller amount in some of the sizes.  You have a choice of regular or short torso and black or beige at these prices. You must use the link on this page. You just click on the red button below.

As always, if you spend $125 or more you will get free shipping in the US.

At these crazy-low discounted prices my products tend to sell out faster than usual.  So,  remember to………. ORDER NOW!

Wearing the splint requires a positive mindset. If you broke your leg you would have to wear the cast in the summer.  It’s also crucial to keep your muscles and connective tissue continuously in a close together position in the summer.

Hope everyone is having a great summer.

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