Remember that any food that puts your body under stress saps its ability to heal. Processed, refined, GMO, and trans-fat-containing foods should be avoided. Inflammatory foods, such as sugar (especially high-fructose corn syrup and aspartame), alcohol, and caffeine, should also be avoided. These foods are nutritional poisons, and they may be keeping you from getting better.

Reduce your intake of unhealthy foods, such as those high in fat, sugar, and salt. Doughnuts, cookies, fried foods, candy, and regular soda are all examples. These foods are deficient in nutrients that are necessary for healing.

So, treat your body as if it were a car. Your car will run at its best when you use the best gasoline. When you feed your body the "best" foods, it will run and heal faster! The best food is that which grew, walked, or swam in the wild.

Additionally, it's important to consider the role of physical health in your overall well-being. Diastasis Recti, a condition involving the separation of abdominal muscles, can impact your core strength and overall health. The Tupler Technique® offers a comprehensive, non-surgical approach to treating this condition. You can start with their complimentary introductory program to learn more about the technique and how it can help in bringing your abdominal muscles back together, flattening your bulging belly, and improving core strength.

Remember, a holistic approach to health involves both nutrition and physical well-being. Incorporating the right exercises, especially if you're dealing with conditions like Diastasis Recti, is as crucial as choosing the right foods for your body.

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