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Happy New Year! The holidays give our jaws a lot of exercise……. from eating!  Now it is a brand new year and it is time to get serious for exercising your transverse muscle and closing your diastasis. Closing your diastasis is all about healing your connective tissue. A reminder that you do this by:

  1. Continuously wearing a Diastasis Rehab Splint® to put both your muscles and connective tissue in a better position to heal.
  2. Strengthen your transverse muscle to bring blood flow to your connective tissue and so it is strong enough to use it while doing activities of daily living and while exercising.
  3. Protecting your connective tissue from getting stretched.

We want to give you a “financial” incentive for either getting on the wagon for the very first time OR getting back on the wagon from whenever you started and then stopped. Here’s how it works. We will give you a one time 20% discount code that you can use on any product or service until January 31, 2016. To get this code, please write to us at and tell us why you want to start or restart the program! Remember, you need to commit to all 4 steps of the program to see results.  The 4 steps are as follows:

  1. Wear the splint all the time. Just taking it off for 15 minutes every day to bathe.
  2. Do a “minimum” of 500 on the seated contracting exercise every day. If you want to do more, that will make us even happier!
  3. Get up and down correctly from a chair, couch and bed.
  4. Have transverse awareness (hold it in) with activities of daily living and when you exercise if you getting back on the wagon after week six of the program.

Remember closing your diastasis is the BEST gift you can give your body! Not only will it give you a flat belly but it will also provide a better support system for your back and organs.

It is never too late to close a diastasis on anyone at any time. Closing a diastasis, however, is not an overnight process, but, if you follow the Tupler Technique® program as designed, you will see the healing process beginning within three weeks! How long it takes to close a diastasis depends on the severity of your diastasis and your commitment to all 4 steps of the program every day. It is recommended to take ‘before’ photos of your belly from the front and the side. They will motivate you to stick with the program.

If you need more support, check to see if there is a Licensee in your area. Click here

Also, our next 6 Week Online Program begins April 19th, 2016! We only take 14 people in this course. Click here

Don’t let the grass grow in your wagon, hurry and get back on track! We look forward to getting your commitment and hearing your stories.

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