Happy Holidays from Diastasis Rehab!

Here at Diastasis Rehab, we want to wish you a Diastasis-safe and Happy Holiday season!

Santa Belly Blog PhotoWe are hoping that you have given yourself or someone special the “gift of closure” this year with any of our Tupler Technique ® products designed to help someone close their diastasis. If support is needed after watching the DVD, please use our discount code on December 26, 2015 (12:00am-11:59pm EST) for a $25 discount for this program starting January 10th.  The code is bbonline2013.   We only have 10 spots left so please remember to put it on your calendar to register the day after Christmas! Here is the link to read more about the support program:



We hope you remember a few things while celebrating the holidays:

  1. Keep a flat back and your hand supporting your abdominals when bending over to pick up your gifts and your body from a chair or the couch.
  2. Wearing your splint all the time except 15 minutes when you bathe. It will actually support you in eating less!
  3. Hold your transverse in at 5th floor with activities of daily living as well while celebrating.
  4. Travel time, in the car or on a plane, is the best time to do your seated exercises!


It is important to remember these tips so you don’t lose the gains you have made.


Have a wonderful holiday season!

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