Easing Holiday Stress with the Tupler Technique®: Protect Your Diastasis This Christmas

As Christmas approaches, bringing with it a whirlwind of activity, it's crucial to remember the impact of holiday stress on your physical and mental well-being, especially when dealing with diastasis. The rush of trimming the tree, the challenge of finding the perfect gifts, and the pressure of navigating crowded stores can be overwhelming. But amidst this festive frenzy, your Tupler Technique® training can be your sanctuary.

When you're out there, carrying heavy packages and maneuvering through bustling crowds, remember to engage your transverse muscles. This simple yet effective technique can protect your diastasis, reducing the strain on your body. Also, consider taking a 'Shopping Sit-Down Break' (SSB). Use this moment not just to relax but to practice a few belly breaths, followed by your 'muscle meditation.' Envision the healing process during each contraction – imagine the blood nourishing your connective tissue, see it becoming stronger, and feel your muscles coming together. Just a set of 100 contractions can significantly uplift your spirits.

The holiday season shouldn't distract you from your Tupler Technique® regimen. In fact, it's the best time to be diligent. By focusing on yourself and managing shopping stress effectively, you ensure the holidays don’t take a toll on your diastasis healing journey.

Doing something for yourself to help with your shopping stress. Don’t let the heavy lifting and manic shopping season distract you from the program!

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