Holidays Belly Challenge: Laughter, Family, Food and Splint!!

– As we all know, Christmas & New Years is coming up in a few days. For all my splint wearers I know that this is the time of the year when we are all excited to be surrounded by our family members, close friends and just to simply enjoy a big meal but lets not forget that your splint is to be worn at all times! I know, I know this might be difficult for us to do but the end result will be much more rewarding.

– The only time that your splint is NOT to be worn is unless you have a medical issue. You should wear the splint at all times. Just take it off for 15 minutes to bathe. If you broke your leg or arm you would wear a cast continuously to keep the two separated bones close together, right? It is no different from wearing the splint. Always remember that the main objective is to keep the connective tissue and muscles continuously close together.

– Let’s enjoy the holidays, and all the festivities while keeping your muscles engaged!

Happy Holidays!

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