How The Tupler Technique® Healed My Mommy Tummy

Backstory: 53 year old nullipara, 5'10, lots of lean mass, and with waist and waist-to-height ratios measuring at the top of the healthy weight range - and this has only gotten better! 


My body's very pear-shaped tendencies only increased when I hit age 50 when (practically overnight) it multiplied fast, especially on my belly, despite my longstanding whole foods dietary practices. So, awhile later I embarked on low-carb/keto, which was amazing for body re-composition of the midlife excess fat except in my mid- and lower belly flab which showed no signs of change in measurements after 1.5 years, and which seemed to have no anchor. 


I researched DR again (only knew of it related to parturition, but had a hunch I could have one due to childhood injuries and adulthood unconditioned physical overexertion). I was thrilled to find Julie's program - and I daringly decided to commit to it. As I progressed through the program, it was fun to measure every 2-3 weeks. After the first couple months, I modified my frequency and I was only doing 2 sessions per day. Then due to stress, I went down to 1 session per day, intensively practiced along with all the additional protocols for sleep propping, body mechanics movement, nutrition, taping, etc. It took a surprising amount of mental dedication for me to keep on wearing the 2 splints (long torso) as the weather got warmer but I was determined to complete at least 18 weeks.


In the end my belly has amazingly changed for the better!


I still have a ways to go to close another centimeter or so in the lower belly, but for now, am practicing maintaining at 500 reps per day and being aware of body mechanics in all movement, and am continuing other practices like pillow propping for sleeping/napping, wearing belly tape (and using belly cream on day off) as I head through the summer.


Measurements Week 1

  • Under chest 34, natural waist 35, belly button line 40
  • Diastasis (estimated by self-measurement) top 3.5, middle 4.5, bottom 6
  • Connective tissue medium top & bottom, deep at the belly, entire belly un-anchored.

Measurements end of Week 18

  • Under chest 33, natural waist 32.5, belly button line 37
  • Diastasis (estimated by self-measurement) top 1.5, middle 1.5 (not reflecting any diastasis as that is the normal distance?), bottom 1.5
  • Connective tissue firm and shallow, entire belly firmer
  • Noticeably smaller, firmer central belly and belly button!


Hope this encourages everyone doing the program or beginning it. Be bold!

Thank you so much Julie!!!


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