How soon you start the Tupler Technique exercise program after your birth depends on if you have a vaginal or cesarean birth.

I’m Julie Tupler, creator of the research and evidence-based Tupler Technique program for the treatment of diastasis recti. 

If you have a C section, you need to wait approximately six weeks to start wearing the Diastasis Rehab Splint which is usually how long it takes for your c section scar to heal. The purpose of the splint is to reposition your muscles and connective tissue. If you approximate or reposition your abdominal muscles and connective tissue before the scar has healed, it may pull on your stitches and could have them come apart. 

However, if you wanted to start the program before your scar has healed, instead of wearing a splint you can hold a scarf while doing the seated exercises to bring your muscles and connective tissue together. You would hold it above your belly button so it does not pull on your stitches. 

The Tupler Technique® requires not only doing the exercises and wearing the splint but an ongoing awareness of how you are using your body with everything you do to protect your weakened connective tissue. You will be learning new habits that can – and should – stay with you for the rest of your life! Be inspired and enjoy getting your body back.

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