You Can Get A Flatter Belly While Watching TV

If your muscles are separated you will never be able get flat abs. When your muscles are separated the connective tissue that joins the muscles have been weakened.  You can heal your weakened connective tissue with the research and evidenced-based Tupler Technique Program. The goal is to strengthen the connective tissue so it is strong enough to hold the muscles in a close together position. The program heals and strengthens the connective tissue by repositioning your muscles and connective tissue by wearing a splint, protecting your connective tissue from getting stretched, and strengthening both your abdominal muscles and connective tissue with the seated Tupler Technique® exercises.  You can do these exercises while watching TV.. When you bring your separated muscles together you will have a strong core and  not only will you have flat abs, your whole body will look and feel better!



To learn more about Diastasis Recti & the Tupler Technique® read this article: DIASTASIS RECTI RESEARCH AND EVIDENCED BASED EXERCISE PROGRAM

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Watch the short video below to know what a diastasis is.



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