Many clients that do crossfit ask why they need to stop working out when they have a diastasis.

You do NOT have to stop working out if your muscles are separated. If you are doing my program to close your diastasis you need to modify your workout.

During the first six weeks of the program, you are working to develop abdominal muscle strength and awareness as you allow your connective tissue to heal. That is why during the first six weeks you cannot do classes, sporting activities, do cardio exercises such as walking outside or on a treadmill, elliptical machine, and upright stationary bike. No running or jumping, no weights, or exercise classes. In week six of the program after transverse muscle strength and awareness have been developed, you can start working out but it means that it must be a diastasis safe workout. That means to be able to engage your transverse muscle with every repetition of every exercise and not to do exercises that stretch your connective tissue either in a forward or sideways direction. To find out more about how to close your diastasis with the Tupler Technique click on the link below for a free copy of my Tupler Tips.

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Watch the short video below to know what a diastasis is.