Importance of Doing “Just” the Tupler Technique® the First Six Weeks of the Program

It takes six weeks to strengthen your inner most abdominal muscle (transverse muscle) with the Tupler Technique ® Program so this muscle is then strong enough for you to be able to engage it when performing both your stretching and strengthening exercises in week six of the program. This is hard to do unless this muscle is strong! Working out before this muscle is strong enough, will put intra-abdominal force on your weak connective tissue not allowing it to heal.

Closing a diastasis recti is all about healing the connective tissue and strengthening the transverse abdominal muscle. Healing the  weakened connective tissue means being “kind” to your connective tissue.  You can do this by not stretching it or putting any intra-abdominal force or weight on it.

Wearing a Diastasis Rehab Splint ® takes the stretch off the connective tissue putting it in a better position to heal.  It also brings the muscles closer together making the exercises more effective.

Strengthening your transverse muscle with the Tupler Technique® exercises will bring blood flow to the connective tissue helping it heal AND make it strong enough to engage   this muscle with “every” repetition of your workout.

So hang in there!  Just know that incorporating the Tupler Technique® into your workout will make it much more effective and challenging….. while maintaining the results you’ve achieved in the process of closing your diastasis.