Is It Too Late To Close My Diastasis?

Welcome to the Belly Blog. I am Julie Tupler, RN creator of the Tupler Technique®. The Tupler Technique® is the only research and evidence based program to treat a diastasis recti. I have been teaching the Tupler Technique® for over 20 years! My purpose for this blog is two fold. The first to educate people about all aspects of a diastasis recti and the second is to answer questions about the Tupler Technique® Program. Please feel free to post comments, questions, and your own personal stories on this blog.

A diastasis recti is a condition many people have…they just don’t know it! This condition affects women, men and children. A diastasis can be closed on anyone at anytime.

I wanted to start this blog with my most frequently asked question. This question comes from women.


The answer is NO. It is never too late ladies! We are all born with a diastasis. It closes on 70% of children around three years of age after the nervous system has developed. Because the umbilicus is a weak spot in the connective tissue, this closure can re-open with continuous intra-abdominal force on it. This force comes from bodily activities like coughing, constipation and activities like crunches or the pilates 100’s.

However, the diastasis is usually worse on women who have been pregnant. This is because of two factors that occur during pregnancy. The growing uterus putting force on the connective tissue and the hormone relaxin that softens it. If you don’t close it after your first pregnancy, it will keep getting worse with each pregnancy.

In order to prove my point that a diastasis can be closed on anyone at anytime…… I would like to share a story from a 64 year old man that did my program. He has also shared with me his before and after photos. As you can see, not only has his belly gotten flatter, his belly button has gone from an innie to an outie! So ladies, if a man can get these results…so can you! Also, chances are the man in your life may also have a diastasis and just not know it! The Tupler Technique® is something you both can do together!


I want to thank you so much for helping me to overcome my diastasis disorder. I am 64 years old, 6 ft. 1 in height, 185 pounds and have maintained a good physical condition all my life. But I was bothered that in recent years, I could not maintain a relatively flat stomach. I felt that I might be carrying some extra fat in the tummy area that exercise and diet could not remove, so I decided to try smart lipo to remove the fat. Much to my chagrin after the procedure, my stomach pooch was even more pronounced. The doctor who did the procedure referred me to a surgeon who diagnosed me with diastasis. He said he could help me by treating it as a hernia and described the procedure and healing process. I decided not to go that route. I started researching diastasis online and came across Julie Tupler Technique and decided to give it a try. I started wearing the splints on September 19 and also began the exercises the same date. I was totally amazed at the immediate results. My measurements upon starting were a midsection of 38 inches with 35 inches around the belly button area. The diastasis was approximately four fingers in width. I have enclosed photos showing the “before” measurements that were taken by my doctor on September 16. The “after’ pictures were taken by the surgeon on October 3. The doctor and her staff were overwhelmed by the drastic change in only six weeks. Six weeks after starting the process, my current measurements are 35 inch midsection and 34 inches around the belly button area. The diastasis has been reduced to approximately one finger in width. Hopefully, in a few weeks, the diastasis will be totally healed. Thanks again for developing your rehab technique for diastasis. I might even try going on the beach again!”

– Mickey Gamble, Alabama

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