Run Smart: How to Protect Your Diastasis While Running with Tupler Technique®

Running is NOT good for diastasis recti.  Closing a diastasis is all about healing and strengthening the weak conective tissue betwee the separated muscles. The research and evidenced based Tupler Technique® heals connective tissue by repositioning it with the Diastasis Rehab Splint, protecting the connective tissue from getting stretched and strengthening the connective tissue with the Tupler Technique® exercises. The pounding which occurs with running is too harsh on the connective tissue and makes it more difficult to heal.   So speed walking is much better. Walking on an treadmill, Elliptical machine or Stairmaster are other ways to get a good aerobic workout. 

To learn more about Diastasis Recti & the Tupler Technique® read this article: DIASTASIS RECTI RESEARCH AND EVIDENCED BASED EXERCISE PROGRAM

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Watch the short video below to know what a diastasis is.


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