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- Sue Batzer*, 62 y.o.

" As long as I can remember, I have had a diastisis recti as an adult. At the time of my wedding in 1974 I had lost weight due to nerves and looked cadaverous, but I still had a protruding belly. After bearing three children and carrying my pregnancies all out front (I’m short-waisted), I very definitely had a mummy tummy and nothing I did, no exercises, no amount of weight loss seemed to make a difference including 5 months of pelvic physical therapy with a hand-held splint in which my separation closed one fingers’ width but would budge no further. In April my chiropractic neurologist suggested that I try the Tupler Technique®. His wife had just begun the program herself after the birth of their 2nd child. At 62 ½, I was skeptical about achieving the promised results. The DVD cover says “For moms of any age – no matter when you had a baby,” but my last baby was born 29 ½ years ago. I really didn’t believe it in my heart, but speculated that even if I didn’t lose my mummy tummy, the exercises alone would be good for my health. I decided to commit to the program 100%. Fortunately I live within an hour’s drive of two different licensees of the Tupler Technique®. I chose Cheryl strictly due to the fact that she was closer to my age and might be a bit more understanding and I also was drawn to her from her personal information on the website. I’m so very thankful I did that because Cheryl helped correct my technique errors, was able to accurately assess the width and depth of my separation (it was hard to do on my own), provided additional exercise information and was encouraging throughout the program. On my second visit to Cheryl 4+ weeks into the program, as she was assessing my progress she exclaimed, “You have definition!” Still makes me smile when I recall that and it was exactly what I needed to give me the impetus to keep at it.

By 11 weeks, my diastases had completely closed! My waist is 3” smaller than when I began (I have simultaneously lost 6 pounds due to being on a low carb diet by doctor’s orders, but that small amount wouldn’t create these results.) I now wear I size I have NEVER worn in my entire life although I weigh approximately what I always weighed during the 25+ years I reared my children. I would encourage anyone, and I mean ANYONE of ANY age to commit to this program for your own well-being and strength. 11 years ago I was paralyzed and fought my way back to being able to walk by faithfully following my doctors’ and physical therapists’ instructions. This is no different. And the core strength that I’ve gained from following the Tupler exercises has helped me with some residual problems that I still experience from that auto-immune disorder. It is worth the time commitment big-time! I’d also strongly suggest that anyone new to the program set up some sessions with a professional who is licensed in the Tupler program. My exercise time would not have been nearly as fruitful since my technique was not correct. I am still startled every time I look down and don’t see what I’ve lived with my entire adult life. Thanks, Julie! Thanks, Cheryl!"




“Dear Julie,


I am a 57-year-old male and a 28-year flight attendant for a major airline. Starting in my late thirties and early forties, I began experiencing problems with a protruding belly. I attributed this to flying, being constantly bloated, and eating airplane food. This problem became progressively worse as I aged. The only way to address the problem was to give up bread and all wheat products and sugar. Whenever I did that, I immediately lost weight and my stomach was flatter. In 2012, at age 51, I was diagnosed with a serious medical condition that required major abdominal surgery: a Whipple procedure. (Please google that for more information.) I recovered completely but was left with weak abdominal muscles, a very unsightly crescent-shaped scar across my upper abdomen, and very painful scar tissue, particularly on my right side. I also had a very unsightly bulge whenever I lifted from a lying position: the classic symptom of DR. I see my surgeon every year for post-op check-ups and bring this to his attention every time. He is tops in his field and practices at New York Presbyterian Hospital. His only suggestion was to work with a personal trainer or learn to live with it. I tried all the usual exercises, but not knowing that I had a diastasis recti, nothing improved and the exercises were very painful.


In October of this year, I fractured my left wrist on a layover and was out of work for six months. During this time, since my activity level was greatly reduced, I put on quite a bit of weight. I am 5'9" tall and was up to 194 pounds. I couldn't stand looking at myself and started looking for a new solution. I Googled "post-abdominal surgery exercises" which lead me to a certified Tupler Technique® Trained Professional there in NYC. I met her for a consultation at the beginning of March, the same week that I gave up wheat and sugar once again-- this time for good. As a result, I have lost almost 25 pounds. That, combined with wearing the splint and faithfully doing the seated exercises, has made a tremendous difference in my appearance. I am also using TogetherTape™ to try to reduce the appearance of the scar. Wearing the splint was quite uncomfortable at first; learning to put it on correctly was murder. However, I am quite used to it by now and feel undressed without it. It fits very nicely under my uniform, although because I am moving around so much at work, I have to slip into the bathroom and readjust it several times per flight. A minor inconvenience, I assure you. I am in the middle of week 12 and am able to 500 seated exercises three times a day. The head lifts are a bit more challenging: the Tupler Technique® Trained Professional helped me to correct my form on my last session with her; I was lifting my head too much. I am able to do 30 head lifts twice a day at most, but will keep trying for higher numbers. 


I never thought that at my age I could have such a slim appearance. I still can't believe it's me when I look in the mirror sometimes and psychology have had a few issues adjusting to the new me. However, your technique has made such a difference in my life that I will never give it up.


I have included some before and after pictures, which you use on your website along with my story if you like. Please use my initials, HS. I have included a few pics of me in my uniform as well, but these are for your eyes only, thank you.


I look forward to meeting you on August 19 at the seminar in New York City and will help you spread the word about the Tupler Technique®. I am sure that if more men knew about it, you could greatly increase your male client base.”





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