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Male client’s testimonial on getting a better belly!


“Dear Julie,


I am a 57-year-old male and a 28-year flight attendant for a major airline. Starting in my late thirties and early forties, I began experiencing problems with a protruding belly. I attributed this to flying, being constantly bloated, and eating airplane food. This problem became progressively worse as I aged. The only way to address the problem was to give up bread and all wheat products and sugar. Whenever I did that, I immediately lost weight and my stomach was flatter. In 2012, at age 51, I was diagnosed with a serious medical condition that required major abdominal surgery: a Whipple procedure. (Please google that for more information.) I recovered completely but was left with weak abdominal muscles, a very unsightly crescent-shaped scar across my upper abdomen, and very painful scar tissue, particularly on my right side. I also had a very unsightly bulge whenever I lifted from a lying position: the classic symptom of DR. I see my surgeon every year for post-op check-ups and bring this to his attention every time. He is tops in his field and practices at New York Presbyterian Hospital. His only suggestion was to work with a personal trainer or learn to live with it. I tried all the usual exercises, but not knowing that I had a diastasis recti, nothing improved and the exercises were very painful.


In October of this year, I fractured my left wrist on a layover and was out of work for six months. During this time, since my activity level was greatly reduced, I put on quite a bit of weight. I am 5'9" tall and was up to 194 pounds. I couldn't stand looking at myself and started looking for a new solution. I Googled "post-abdominal surgery exercises" which lead me to a certified Tupler Technique® Trained Professional there in NYC. I met her for a consultation at the beginning of March, the same week that I gave up wheat and sugar once again-- this time for good. As a result, I have lost almost 25 pounds. That, combined with wearing the splint and faithfully doing the seated exercises, has made a tremendous difference in my appearance. I am also using TogetherTape™ to try to reduce the appearance of the scar. Wearing the splint was quite uncomfortable at first; learning to put it on correctly was murder. However, I am quite used to it by now and feel undressed without it. It fits very nicely under my uniform, although because I am moving around so much at work, I have to slip into the bathroom and readjust it several times per flight. A minor inconvenience, I assure you. I am in the middle of week 12 and am able to 500 seated exercises three times a day. The head lifts are a bit more challenging: the Tupler Technique® Trained Professional helped me to correct my form on my last session with her; I was lifting my head too much. I am able to do 30 head lifts twice a day at most, but will keep trying for higher numbers. 


I never thought that at my age I could have such a slim appearance. I still can't believe it's me when I look in the mirror sometimes and psychology have had a few issues adjusting to the new me. However, your technique has made such a difference in my life that I will never give it up.


I have included some before and after pictures, which you use on your website along with my story if you like. Please use my initials, HS. I have included a few pics of me in my uniform as well, but these are for your eyes only, thank you.


I look forward to meeting you on August 19 at the seminar in New York City and will help you spread the word about the Tupler Technique®. I am sure that if more men knew about it, you could greatly increase your male client base.”





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