Julie Meets With Midwives!

Katrina, Julie, and Marie WakefieldAbove is a photo of Julie Tupler, RN with midwife hosts Katrina and Marie from August’s Continuing Education Seminar for Midwives called “Tupler Technique® Treatment of Diastasis Recti” held on August 15, 2015 at the Nature Center of Seattle.  Julie is so thankful that the Midwives were so welcoming and receptive to learning about diastasis recti and the Tupler Technique® during and after pregnancy! The conference was a wonderful, educational experience and we would like to thank Katrina and Marie for being such gracious hosts.

A diastasis can cause back pain and constipation during and after pregnancy. A diastasis can also put a pregnant woman at risk for a C-section as is changes the position of the cervix.  

Working with a Midwife who is educated on diastasis recti, knows how to prevent or heal a diastasis, and how to support their patient in pushing correctly in labor can vastly improve a women’s experience during pregnancy and birth.

Any midwife, doula, or health professional that wants to learn more about diastasis recti should contact us at info@diastasisrehab.com.

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