Julie Tupler, RN was featured in HuffPost’s parenting article!

Julie Tupler, RN was featured in HuffPost’s latest parenting article “More Than Half Of Postpartum Women Have This Condition. Why Aren't We Helping Them?"

 " Julie Tupler, a New York-based medical trainer and registered nurse, is one of the pioneers of diastasis treatment. She developed her eponymous rehab technique, which is basically, a combination of targeted exercises and regularly wearing a splint. Tupler told HuffPost she has been banging the drum about the importance—and ubiquity—of diastasis since 1990. There’s more attention being paid to the issue now than 30 years ago, but there’s still not nearly enough education or support for moms as far as she is concerned."

Catherine Pearson, Huffpost

Check it out now!: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/inside-the-postpartum-condition-that-affects-up-to-34-of-moms_l_5d729b01e4b0fde50c25f0d1