Labor Day Special!

It’s Labor Day Weekend already! And to honor our laboring moms, we are offering 15% off on our pregnancy packages, our ‘Perfect Pushing’ DVD, and our ‘Coming Contractions’ CD starting at 5pm tonight!

A diastasis can cause back pain and constipation during pregnancy and make pushing less effective in labor. With a large diastasis, a woman is at greater risk of a C-section. This is because with a diastasis the top of the uterus tips forward and the cervix then faces sideways. When the cervix is at a sideways position, the baby cannot progress down the birth canal.

If you start doing the Tupler Technique early in your pregnancy, you can prevent a diastasis from occurring or make your diastasis smaller. You can start doing the exercises in your first trimester. We recommend that you start wearing the splint in your second trimester when you are feeling better. Wearing a splint can sometimes cause nausea.

The “Perfect Pushing” can help you with your labor and delivery. Pushing incorrectly can create a diastasis or make a diastasis worse. It can also cause pelvic floor prolapses. Pushing is a learned skill and must be practiced during pregnancy so it is second nature in labor. You cannot learn a new skill (pushing) while in pain. It takes around 21 days to learn a new skill. To protect their abdominals and pelvic floor muscles women must learn how to push with their strengthened and splinted abdominal muscles while relaxing their pelvic floor muscles.

Use the code LABOR2015 between now and Monday, September 7, 2015 at 11:59 pm on your pregnancy related purchases to receive your discount!

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