Have a Diastasis Safe Winter!

One of the most common inquiries we get at Diastasis Rehab is how to adjust daily activities to protect their progress with their diastasis. Now that it’s the snowy season, we want to share with you our recommendations for a Diastasis-Safe Winter. We have divided these activities into sports, chores and other fun things to do in the snow.  We are not mentioning wearing your splint because we know you are wearing it all the time if you have a diastasis. If you do not have one, then you may want to wear it as a precaution while doing any of the chores and activities mentioned below.


Carrying groceries to prepare for a storm- Hold your transverse in and keep those groceries close to your body.

Shoveling- When shoveling, Make sure you use your knees not your back when bending to get your shovel under the snow.  Keep your transverse at 5th floor the whole time.  No cross-body motions. Use your whole body when moving to get the snow off your shovel.

Carrying Firewood- Use your legs, not you’re back, when lifting and your transverse needs to be in the entire time. Take lighter loads in lieu of less trips. An extra trip or two may save your diastasis.


Ice Skating, skiing and cross country skiing – Having a strong core and transverse awareness is key to balance when skating. No cross over movements. Remember to use your whole body when enjoying these activities. This can prevent you from icy diastasis disaster!


Snowball fights- Make sure to avoid cross body movements, and take the time to practice your aim while you engage your transverse muscle.


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