Licensee of the Month:August 2013

I want to introduce Laura Rossborough from the Tummy Zip.  She is our Licensee for the month of August.  Read how she is making a difference with her clients.  Julie

“I love transformations! I always have. Everyone loves before and after images as they create a powerful impact.  Tummy Zip is all about achieving transformations.  Through Tummy Zip, I aim to help as many people as I can to achieve, not only their own tummy transformation, but a health & fitness transformation too.

Back in 2010, like all mums, I was (still am ) constantly busy… running around after a family of 4 active girls, holding a lecturing position at university, finding time to train in martial arts & keeping up my normal fitness routine.  Although very fit, I instinctively knew that I was not addressing an important part of my fitness. I didn’t know how and was not getting any adequate answers from fitness and health professionals. After literally years of my own research, I discovered the Tupler Technique®. Before I knew it, I had lost 12.5 cm (5 inches) from my tummy, applied successfully to Julie, traveled from Australia to NYC, completed my training, left my Business Law lecturing position at University, and began my “Tummy Zip” business, guiding my clients through their very own tummy transformations. Such an exciting ride!

I am incredibly grateful to the Tupler Techniqu®e. I discovered this wonderful self healing exercise therapy at the perfect time in my life.  The Tupler Technique® is the main platform to help my clients achieve their fitness goals. But for me, it has been just the beginning. I have always had an affinity with natural healing & facilitating the body’s in-born ability to heal itself. Having a husband who is a fantastic chiropractor has given my family & I access to excellent health care. Over the last few years, I have continued my own research and am learning an incredible amount about health, fitness and nutrition. The global decline in health affects us all and is largely due to the massive amount of poor quality food that is available.

So now I am on a mission… not only to guide my clients through their tummy transformations, but to educate them to take greater responsibility for their health & wellbeing through functional exercise & food choices. I aim to replicate that amazing feeling of accomplishment, achievement & self healing that is experienced with the Tupler Technique, every day of one’s  life. Tummy Zip’s 6 Week Tummy Transformation Programs have now evolved to include a further important life-changing presentation on nutrition with wonderful feedback! The results achieved from correct exercise & daily movement is often futile without excellent nutrition.

I believe that healthy and happy adults equals healthy, happy children and families, equals healthy and happy communities.

I wish everyone continued success in their part of the world.”

Best wishes, Laura.