Meet Julie Tupler, RN at the Everybelly® Seminar in NYC on August 28th!

Julie Tupler, RN, THE expert on diastasis recti, will not only check your belly for a diastasis, but will teach you the how to close it with her research and evidenced based Tupler Technique® Program at her upcoming Everybelly® Seminar. Here’s Julie telling you  more about it.

Julie only gives these seminars in NYC three times a year so take advantage of this wonderful opportunity that will change both your belly and your life!  The next one is on Monday, August 28th from 2 to 5 pm. Not only is Julie an expert on diastasis she is also VERY funny and believe me, it’s very hard to make me laugh. You will laugh and learn everything you need to know about closing your diastasis.

Bonuses with this seminar:

  • As a special customer you get a $25 discount on this seminar
    (use this code: SAVE25EB )
  • You receive a complimentary Tupler Technique® guidebook
  • You can bring a friend at no extra cost. They can then be your belly buddy!
  • You get a $5 discount on any of the products you buy at the seminar
  • Six Week Online Support program half price ( $112 savings!)

Who should come? Anyone who:

  • Has or had a big belly from having a baby or from being overweight
  • Just can’t get a flat belly no matter what they do. (Of course you can’t –              diastasis, not fat, is the CORE issue here.) 
  • Suffers from GI issues (bloating or constipation), back pain, pelvic floor or
  • Has an abdominal hernia (umbilical or epigastric)
  • Had abdominal surgery

Closing  your diastasis is KEY to getting rid of your bulging belly you’ve struggled with, sometimes for years – AND if left untreated, diastasis can cause back pain, GI problems, pelvic pain, poor trunk stability, and pelvic floor dysfunction.  It will only get worse with each pregnancy and as you age.

Bringing your muscles together is the way you get a strong core.  Are you ready to reclaim your core and change your belly and life? If the answer is yes, Julie and I look forward to hearing from you. Let me know if you have any questions by emailing us at

P.S. Click here to see some before and after photos of clients that have done the Tupler Technique®

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