How Can You Prevent Diastasis Recti When Doing Sports?

Sports such as tennis, golf, and swimming backstroke are common factors in causing or aggravating a diastasis. Sports like these that require a twisting motion of the torso have a shearing effect on the recti muscles, often causing them to further separate by torqueing them apart.


How Can You Prevent Diastasis Recti When Engaging in Sports


The best thing to do is to always pull in your transverse when doing your daily activities that puts strain on the connective tissue and pulls it apart. You also need to be really when doing any kind of crossover sports or activities, including tennis and golf. If you play these kinds of sports, it would be wise to check for a diastasis before and after to monitor any adverse effects that your cross-body actions might have. Engage your transverse and bring it close to your spine and ribs when you do your swing or stroke.

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Watch the short video below to know what a diastasis is.


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