Maximizing Your Tummy Tuck Results: Expert Tips for Pre- and Post-Surgery Preparation

Are you thinking about having a tummy tuck?

If so, did you know you need to prepare your abdominal muscles for it before having your surgery so it does not come undone?

I'm Julie Tupler creator of the research and evidence based Tupler Technique program to treat diastasis recti for women, men, and children no matter how you got it or how long you have had it. 

I’ve been treating this condition for 30 years now and one thing I know for sure is that for a successful surgery you must prepare for it so it does not come undone after your surgery. I tell you this because so many women have come to me with their surgery coming undone.  After abdominal surgery patients are told not to lift anything over 5 pounds. However, when you go from a seated to standing position you are lifting your whole-body weight which is a lot more than 5 pounds.  That is why it makes sense to prepare your abdominal muscles before you have surgery, so you know how to use them in the recovery process. You use your abdominal muscles with every move you make. So, if you don’t engage your abdominal muscles when you stand up then they move forward putting force on your stitched connective tissue. Continuous force on your stitches will make your stitches come apart.  If you have just had a tummy tuck and did not prepare before your surgery, you can still learn how to use them correctly now after your surgery with my program to keep your stitches intact.  For more information how to maintain your tummy tuck, please click on the link below and download my free Tupler Tips. Also, if you found my video helpful, I would so appreciate it if you would both like it and subscribe.  

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