Six Week Online Support Program Sale

We currently have a Special Sale on our Six Week Online Support Program which starts July 9th and you can save $25.

Here is the code: bbonline2013

Sign up here:

This is how we can support you:

1. Three live webinars with Julie Tupler, RN. She will answer all your questions and make sure you’re doing the exercises correctly. These webinars are recorded so may watch them as many times as you want over the six weeks.
2. Belly Buddies. Belly Buddies will support, motivate and make this process of closing your diastasis fun. (You may end up with a new best friend!)
3. Communication with other participants in the program. Besides communicating with your belly buddy, you can also communicate with the other participants in the program hearing other people’s stories as well as getting tips on how they are doing the program has been very beneficial to our clients.
4. Weekly videos on the course site. Each week the exercises will be changing. Each week you can play the videos and do the exercises with Julie. Clients find that watching these videos with Julie beneficial.

In order to do the program, you need a Diastasis Rehab Splint®, Guidebook and Lose Your Mummy Tummy® DVD. To shop our products, click here: 

We hope that you stay committed to a better belly with the Tupler Technique®!

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