Here is a Wonderful Gift For an Aching Back This Christmas...T spheres®!


Elaine Stillerman, my Licensee in Brooklyn New York gave me a wonderful gift over the holidays! They are called the T Spheres.  I really found them useful in massaging my lower back. So I asked her to write something about them for me. Here is what Elaine wrote:

“T spheres®, developed by a massage therapist, are aromatherapy-infused massage balls that bring immediate stress relief when rolled, pressed, twisted, or otherwise applied on a point of tension. It is a hand-saving tool that can be used either by you on your client or as self-administered relief.

T spheres® combine the time-honored natural stress relief remedies of massage and aromatherapy. These palm-sized purified rubber massage balls are infused with aromatherapy oils that are released upon contact igniting the olfactory nerve for a relaxing or uplifting experience, depending on the aromatherapy infusion.

T spheres® come in 2 sizes: 27mm (large marble size), perfect for hand and foot reflexology point stimulation and facial massage, and 45mm (golf ball size), used for general stress relief. The 27mm balls can be infused with either peppermint essential oil, “Pep-Up-Mint” (a natural decongestant, improves concentration, relieves stomach and gastrointestinal ailments and headaches, and is good to treat nausea) or lavender, “Peace & Quiet” (to alleviate headaches, anxiety, depression, nervous tension and emotional stress, treat muscle aches, joint pain, and induce sleep.)

The larger balls are infused with either lavender or a combination of Grapefruit and peppermint, “Perk Up”, which helps detoxify and stimulate the lymphatic system, is an emotional stimulant, and natural decongestant.

Each set comes in a portable jute drawstring bag containing 2 balls and 3ml oil infuser. The balls can also be heated or cooled for extra benefits.

I have had tremendous success using them on my massage clients and selling them for use as massage relief during labor. Not only do they feel incredible, but they are hand-saving tools, ideal for the partner or non-massage professional. For more information on how to use or purchase them for your clients, go to my website, or email me at “

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