Tami Huber…..July Licensee of the Month

I would like to introduce Tami Huber who is the July Licensee of the month. She is a physical therapist and lives and works in Maryland.

She writes that she considers herself blessed to have found the Tupler Technique®. When I read that I smiled because I too feel so blessed to have her as a Licensee!  I trained Tami and her sister Bonnie Wayne when I was “Maternal Fitness”.  So both Tami and her sister have been both teaching and personally using the technique for a long time.

For those of you that don’t know…..I decided to focus on treating diastasis recti and call myself Diastasis Rehab in the beginning of 2009.   I started Maternal Fitness in 1990 and discovered diastasis recti by working with pregnant and new moms.   Tami and Bonnie were my first set of sisters that I trained and who became Licensees. Rachel and Camilla Peirse of the Tummy Tribe in the UK were my second.

I hope you enjoy reading Tami’s experience with the Tupler Technique®. If you have any questions her contact info is at the bottom.

“I consider myself very blessed to have found the Tupler Technique® for myself and when I get to share that with others, I feel I can pass that blessing on.  Life of course is a juggling act with three little ones of my own, coordinating schedules with my clients and my husband and where I hold my classes and babysitters.  But, it is all worth it to see my clients truly succeed at becoming whole again.

As a physical therapist, I try to incorporate using the transverse (the Tupler Technique®) into their rehab for shoulders, necks, and low back, teaching them how to engage the transverse and let that take the brunt of the work.  It involves re-training the core, and their posture, but once learned, they can use the transverse in everyday activities, sports activities, and recreation which in turn can take a lot of the pressure off of the joints that have been compromised.  If the neck is injured, they can focus on their posture and engaging their transverse when they pick things up, exercise, or even lift themselves (in/out of bed) and in turn their muscles get stronger and their joints do less work and pain can go away and stay away.

I have a client right now who’s mid back pain has no longer hurt since starting the program less than two weeks ago.  Here is her email she sent me yesterday; “. My progress is going well, and I’ve been splinting all the time and doing my exercises. I haven’t measured, but yesterday Jeff was commenting that he definitely thought I was looking a lot different I’ve definitely felt less bloated lately too. As a plus, I haven’t had ANY low back pain or pain in my lats since the class. This is pretty amazing for me, and I’ve been able to step up my workouts some without pain. The splint has made me a lot more mindful of my posture and definitely keeps me from eating too much too. LOL!” When patients implement small changes of posture and engage the transverse during daily living, this is key for pain reduction in mid-back as especially low back patients.  It helps to take strain into the muscles so they strengthen, rather than the joints.  Getting in and out of bed without jackknifing is another part of the technique that can help alleviate neck/back strain.

It seems I have many clients who feel as though “their insides are hanging out, unsupported”.  Within 2-4 weeks this feeling goes away as their muscles start to protect their organs again. For many, they have told me it is a life changing experience. I have one client who has had her “tummy” for 13 years without knowing that there was a cause (diastasis) or a cure (the Tupler Technique®).  I believe she is now training to be a licensee herself.

The “aha” moment for me came early on when I was in PT school and learned about diastasis recti and I came across the Tupler Technique® in a magazine at the OBGYN office.  I researched the technique, started it myself (I had just had my first baby), and I have never looked back.  It has been part of my life and lifestyle and I have greatly benefited, with a strong core, a flat tummy, a pain free back, and I work to help others have their “aha” moments as well and to know if they work hard, they don’t have to settle for anything less.

Most importantly I want women to know they can change their tummy without surgery. With some consistency, they will benefit greatly with this technique!  Tami Huber,PT

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