Diastasis Recti Demystified: Understanding and Treating Abdominal Separation Without Surgery

I joke around that the irony of my work is that the abdominal condition almost everybody has is the one almost nobody’s heard of: diastasis recti. Simply put, diastasis recti is the separation of the outermost abdominal muscles. (Diastasis actually means separation in Greek, and recti signifies the rectus adominus muscles, which are the ones affected.) When I talk about “getting it together,” I’m actually referring to bringing these muscles back into their proper position.

On the whole, the medical community has mostly ignored the condition of diastasis recti, or dismissed it mainly as a cosmetic concern. In the most extreme cases, doctors typically advocate surgery. But the truth is, diastasis can affect a person’s health and wellbeing in many ways—and for most people, it’s completely treatable without surgery!

Chances are, if you’re reading this article, you either already have an idea of what a diastasis recti is, or you have sneaking suspicion that it’s something that’s affecting you.

Before we even get into the nuts and bolts of what a diastasis recti is, I first want to assure you of the most important point of departure: it doesn’t matter who you are, or when or how you developed a diastasis. You can do something about it without surgery right now.

Gave birth to your last kid thirty-five years ago? Not a problem.

Been sporting a guy-gut for the last couple of decades? It’s not too late!

Or maybe you’re a woman who never even thought about having a kid, but you have a diastasis for a myriad of other reasons. 

The point is, almost anyone can get a diastasis and fix it.

So, yes—I’m talking to YOU.

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Watch the short video below to know what a diastasis is.


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