Get a Flat Belly with Proven, Practical, and Positive Diastasis Treatment

Get a Flat Belly with Proven, Practical, and Positive Diastasis Treatment

If you’re already a Tupler Technique® trainer or client- then you know how important splinting is in your journey to heal diastasis recti. If you’re new to the Tupler Technique® and not familiar with splinting, or Julie Tupler’s program- scroll down and check out our last blog post on splinting.

Once you understand why splinting is so important- the next step in healing is incorporating Julie’s program into your lifestyle. Not only is the Tupler Technique® program proven– it’s crucial to your recovery. Every client that has successfully completed the program credits the exercise plan for their results.

“I started googling about tummies after birth and came across Julie Tupler’s rehab site, I must say she is a savior,” says Eva Papas, a client.

“I read reviews on various sites and watched video reviews about the Tupler Technique® program and I noticed that all the disappointed ladies have one thing in common- not being loyal to the program,” says Eva.

“They all mentioned about too may exercises, no time to do them all, or wearing the splint all day for the weeks suggested. Being a former athlete I know that there is no easy way to score and win,” says Eva.

“It requires a lot work and sweating,” Eva added.

Moreover, a 2005 study conducted by Columbia University showed that 90% of pregnant women who did NOT exercise, were more likely to get diastasis recti. While among exercising pregnant women- only 12.5% showed signs of having a diastasis.

Another great thing you’ll find about the Tupler Technique® program is it’s practical. You can incorporate Julie’s routines into your everyday lifestyle. Whether you’re driving, doing laundry, or feeding the kids- you can always do the belly breathing and practice holding your transverse while seated in the car- 100 is one set, and only takes 2 two-and-a-half minutes. Additionally, doing the siting exercises can help avoid road rage (we hope you’re are smiling right now).

Most importantly, Julie wants clients to understand that this kind of practicality can fit into EVERY lifestyle.

“Your transverse is important,” say Julie.

“You just have to stay mindful of it wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing,” she adds.

Another aspect of the program Julie always emphasizes to clients and potential trainers-is the Tupler Technique® program is committed to being a positive way for people to heal their diastasis. While some may consider having surgery, which stitches the muscles together and can be painful and restrictive, the Tupler Technique® heals the diastasis naturally.

And although the Tupler Technique® Program is designed to heal diastasis recti- it also offers the added physical benefits of proper breathing and cardio exercise.


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