Together Tape™ for Treatment of Diastasis Recti.

The purpose of the Together Tape™

The purpose of the Together Tape™ is to aid in healing a Diastasis Recti. The tape works in conjunction with the Diastasis Rehab Splint® to speed up the process for closing a Diastasis Recti. If for some reason you cannot wear the Diastasis Rehab Splint®, you can wear the tape by itself.

Working in a similar fashion to a Butterfly Band-Aid, the tape works to bring together the muscles and connective tissue. When the tape is stretched as it is applied, once placed on the skin the tape wants to recoil back to its original “un-stretched” position. This continuous recoiling process on the skin sends a message from the skin to the connective tissue and muscles to move in the same direction as the tape is moving.

NOTE: The skin on your belly is very sensitive. It is therefore recommended not starting to use the tape until Week 4 of the Tupler Technique® Program. During this waiting time you should prepare your skin with our nourishing Corrective Connective Tissue Cream.

Because of this sensitivity, we start out slow with the amount of the Together Tape™ used on the skin. During the first week you only use one piece above and one piece below your belly button. If you have an allergic reaction stop using the tape and wait a week. Use the Corrective Connective Tissue Cream during this time. Usually, after a week, your skin will be desensitized and you can start again.

If all goes well, after the first week, you can put two pieces above and two pieces below your belly button. With no skin reactions, progressing in week 3 to three pieces above and three pieces below your belly button. Continue with three pieces above and three pieces below for as long as you continue to use the Together Tape™. One application should last you anywhere between 4-6 days. Between applications allow the skin for rest for one day before applying the tape again. This is a great time to use the Corrective Connective Tissue Cream. The tape is water resistant but not water proof so keep it as dry as you can when showering.

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Instructions for applying Together Tape™.

Take the paper backing off the middle piece of the Together Tape™. Hold each end in each of your hands. Now stretch the tape just a little and place on your belly. Place it ¼ inch above your belly button. Smooth it over with your hand. Then take the paper off the end pieces. They should not be stretched. Do the same ¼ inch under your belly button. If you stretch it too much it will be too harsh on your skin because this increases the recoiling process.

Sizing for Together Tape™.

Sizing for the tape is determined by the size of your diastasis size. You check your diastasis in 3 places. The size may be different in these 3 locations. The size is determined by the location wherever it is the largest.
►Small: Diastasis up to 4 fingers wide (6 centimeters, if you are using our Diastometer™ to measure).
►Medium: Diastasis between 4 and 6 fingers (6 to 8 centimeters).
►Large: Diastasis 7 fingers (9 centimeters) or larger.

  • Other Uses: The Together Tape™ can also be used to mobilize your C-section scar. 
  • Amount: The box contains 30 pieces of Together Tape™. The first box used will be good for 6 weeks of use, any additional boxes from then on will be good for 5 weeks.

    PS: Please consult with your medical professional before using, if you have any skin conditions.

PPS:If you are in the New York City Area and have more questions or want to see us in person, then please check out our Everybelly ® Seminar ( ).