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 This tank is unisex for women and men. It is made (believe it or not) out of loop Velcro with nylon and spandex. It is made right here in the USA! Since you are wearing it all the time the fabric has been moisture-wicked and is antimicrobial. How does this benefit you? Well, Moisture-wicking fabric absorbs and draws (“wicks”) moisture such as sweat from your skin’s surface. You’ll find this fabric technology in a lot of high performance athletic and sports clothing, because of its breathability, drying, and cooling capabilities. When you sweat, your body is trying to cool off. Most clothing fabrics will keep the moisture trapped, preventing sweat from evaporating quickly. The way that moisture wicking fabric works is that when you wear it and begin to sweat, the property in the fibers absorbs and release the moisture to the surface for quick evaporation. Pretty cool, right? There are a few more benefits of moisture-wicking which are that it prevents bacterial and fungal growth, and keeps you cool on hot days and nights. Also, the fabric has not been dyed as some people are allergic to the ingredients in dye.

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