I tell my clients may the force be “without” you!  This is because my clients know all about  the transverse abdominal muscle.  This is the muscle you use with every move you make and breath you take. If  you have never heard of this muscle,  then this blog is the first step in giving you an awareness of it and the importance of it in closing your diastasis.  It is the innermost abdominal muscle.  Sometimes referred to as your core. It is the only abdominal muscle that wraps around the whole circumference of your body.   In the back, it is attached to each side of your spine from the bottom six ribs to the top of your pelvis. Then, it comes around to the front of your body and inserts into the connective tissue that joins the outer most abdominal muscle (rectus abdominis).  The action of the transverse muscle is a forwards and backwards movement.  Because it is attached to the outermost muscle, when the transverse moves forwards or backwards the recti muscle moves with it.

The Tupler Technique® is all about healing the stretched out connective tissue between the recti muscle.  One of the three ways it does this is by protecting the connective tissue from getting stretched.  Thus having an awareness of how you are using your transverse muscle with activities of daily living will protect your connective tissue.  For example, if you stand up and you do not engage your transverse muscle you will be using it anyway. But it will be moving forward forcefully and stretching your connective tissue.  A simple way of engaging your transverse muscle is to think of your belly button touching your spine. So before you stand up, think of engaging your transverse muscle first! Other examples of activities of daily living are sneezing, coughing, having a bowel movement and picking up your baby. So now that you know the importance of engaging your transverse muscle, make it your best friend and then the force will be without you!

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